IBF/WBA junior middleweight champion Hurd, who might be the top fighter at the 154 lb division today, says he didn’t underestimate Spence’s capacity to acquire the struggle, since he believed he was going to have the success all along, however he thought Mikey was capable of more than he showed.

Spence (25-0, 21 KOs) astonished Hurd, as well as several other boxing fans, simply taking the aforementioned Garcia (39-1, 30 KOs) to school from winning an embarrassingly easy 1-2 round unanimous decision by the dozens 120-107, 120-108 and 120-108. Hurd says Spence didn’t win the struggle because Mikey went two weight classes to challenge him. He won because he has the boxing skills to do the occupation on Mikey. To put it differently, Mikey could have lost as awful if the both of them were both fighting at the exact identical weight category. It ended up being a situation where the 2012 Olympian Spence was better trained and more talented than Mikey. It makes sense. Spence is a Olympian, that continues to be surrounded by the best coaches and struggled the finest on earth. By comparison, Mikey has Robert Garcia as his trainer, and his amateur career was nowhere near what Spence had. Mikey is now over-reliant on his power, and he failed to learn the skills that Spence showed against him.

“He turned out great,” Hurd said to Fighthub about Spence’s performance against Mikey Garcia. “I thought Errol Spence would definitely win the struggle. I don’t think I underestimated Errol Spence. This ’s what it is. The weight class wasn’t as issue [for Mikey]. Folks can’t say that it was that the weight category. Errol sought out there and displayed the relevant skills,” Hurd said.

Hurd is right about the skills being the difference between both fighters. Spence spent the majority of this struggle boxing Garcia from the surface, and getting the better of him internally as well along with his ability. Garcia looked like a newcomer in there, that wasn’t ready to resist someone at the degree of Spence. It’s bad Mikey didn’t get vulnerable to better fighters before he fought Spence, because it wouldn’t’ve been a shocker to watch him becoming hauled like that. The manner Mikey foughthe would have seriously dropped to WBA/WBO light weight champion Vasiliy Lomachenko if he’d fought before he mixed it together with Spence. Mikey says he wishes to come back to the light weight division. In case he intends on fighting Lomachenko anytime soon, it would be a bad idea.

“I’ve a good deal of different things I bring to the table instead of merely brute strength,” Spence stated.

Spence, 29, had a bit of a chip on his shoulder out of most of the negative comments that boxing fans were all causing him moving in to his struggle with Garcia. Spence’s critics believed that the only reason he was going to overcome Garcia is because of his size and power. This distressed Spence, because he knew he was really capable of far longer than what the boxing fans thought he was. He wasn’t only a crude slugger, that uses his size and capability to squash his opposition. So instead of looking to conquer the poorer, less skilled Mikey Garcia,” Spence decided to overcome him along with his boxing skills, that is what he did in front of a large crowd at AT&T Stadium at Arlington, Texas.

“However, the way I overcome hima lot of people didn’t anticipate to overcome him that way. They asked me to come forward and bully him and overpower him. I beat him at a systematic manner and broke down him. I wasn’t really looking for the knockout. It wasn’t my game program, however after watching the struggle, I thought I really could have went for a knockout a little bit longer. He was great at dwelling. He was 39-0, therefore he had a great deal of experience. He knows the way to block punches, and roll with punches and consume punches. He knew exactly what was coming. With me, my game plan was to let my skills show, and reveal the world I do have a good boxing IQ, also I can box, also I really do have the capacity to outsmart somebody instead of merely using brute strength. My entire mindset through the struggle was for me personally to shore through, though I did throw 1,000 punches. It was more to out-punch himand show people I’m not just going to be at him like you think I’m likely to overcome him with brute strength. I’m going to overcome him different ways,” Spence stated.

Spence is correct when he says Mikey was proficient at “surviving. ” This ’s what it appeared as if Mikey was doing out there. He was only looking to go the length in the struggle, and he accomplished that, but in doing this he made himself look awful. Mikey must have gone all out to try and win the struggle, however he clearly didn’t want to risk getting knocked out, so he also played it safe and lost the struggle by a decision.

“I don’t think ,” Spence said when asked if he may have fearful Manny Pacquiao away by appearing too good in beating Garcia. “Manny Pacquiao is some guy with plenty of heart. I haven’t understood him to duck anyone. Just knowing the type of fighter Manny Pacquiao is,” I think he’d simply take the struggle,” Spence stated.

After Spence made these comments concerning Pacquiao, he was still hopeful that the Filipino star would follow after agreeing to handle him . But it’s not turned out that Pacquiao isn’t going to struggle Spence. The Filipino star created a Twitter poll this week, leaving Spence’s no name altogether.

Hurd (23-0, 16 KOs) will soon be defending his IBF & WBA junior middleweight names May 11 against his number 1 IBF mandatory challenger Julian ‘JRock ’ Williams (26-1-1, 16 KOs) on Premier Boxing Champions on FOX and FOX Deportes at EagleBank Arena at Fairfax, Virginia. A win for Hurd, 28, over Williams will set up a battle between the winner of this Tony Harrison vs. Jermell Charlo II rematch.


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