PHOENIX — The idea that Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen does not easily fit in new coach Kliff Kingsbury’s crime is wrong, Kingsbury said Tuesday at the ’s yearly meeting in Arizona.

“People have said plenty of things that are truths, for those who will. But Josh is actually really just a significant player, I have ever thought, watching him in UCLA. He even played his very best football in a distributed system, some similarities from that which individuals do. He is a significant thinker, very cerebral, and will throw it with anyone, and we all take a good deal of pride in building a system around a quarterback.

“To get someone to say he does not fit our system, it will not make sense.”

Kingsbury wouldn’t disclose the information of his talks using Rosen but said quarterbacks”have to have thick skin” and an awareness of”the circus that comes with this particular position.”

Rosen may do both, Kingsbury added.

“He is a certain young man, which is exactly what you like about him” Kingsbury said. “He has very thick skin. Most this kind of drops off his back, and he’s prepared to go prove what they could do.”

Kingsbury said using all the first overall draft selection comes”lots of chatter.” And every word he says concerning the No. 1 pick and former Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray has been virtually each feasible way.

“I don’t feel that way, I know that,” Kingsbury said. “However , I know you all get sick and tired of hearing , but we are no closer to a [final] decision than the previous time we talked. You have to get all of the information, you must meet with most of the players, and then you’ve got to get the very best answer you can produce.”

With less than a month until the initial round of the draft, the Cardinals, that have the first overall selection, continue to be from the”information gathering procedure,” Kingsbury said. Arizona’s personnel department will reconvene after weeks on the road a week also can”start having those discussions profoundly,” he added.

One talking point will be that the Cardinals will draft at No. 1.

“I am not certain when that decision is going to be made,” Kingsbury said. “It’s my first time . But there is alot to discuss.”

Notably, perhaps the Cardinals will draft Murray original complete.

“I don’t know whether I have seen one which will do both things and he can,” Kingsbury said. “You see the conducting skill, comes to mind, that type of explosion and escapability. He is a true dropback passer if he would like to be. He is a challenging combination.”

If it has to do with the Air Raid, Kingsbury said”there isn’t any fit” as it has to do with a specific type of quarterback he’d prefer or requirements.

“You only want to be sure you’re thorough once you own that No. 1 pick,” Kingsbury said. “That is a pick that may change your company for a lot of a long time. If you are not doing all your homework possible, then I believe that it’s really a mistake. It has been an extensive procedure, from the combination and going out and seeing these individuals, also I feel as though we’re doing quite a good job collecting information.”


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