Conor-mcgregor announced he’d be retiring from MMA at a tweet Monday night.

“Hey guys quick announcement, I’t chose to retire from the sport officially referred to as “mixed-martial Art” now. I wish all of my older colleagues well going forward in competition. I now join my former partners within this venture, already in retirement. ”

If authentic, it would have been a large shift for MMA. McGregor has been the biggest celebrity in MMA for ages and it has, in many ways, modeled the game in his own image. Nowadays, the objective of every winner is to develop into a “champ champ” such as McGregor initiated and it’s pretty easy to find the influence his brash-talking character has received on numerous fighters attempting to talk themselves into title shots.

But the “in case authentic ” part, is really a major qualifier.

McGregor delivered the same Tweet at 2016 as being a reaction to the UFC pulling him out of UFC 200 because he refused to do a press tour to the event. Eventually, of course, McGregor did not retire and moved onto headline UFC 202 a couple months later. In the same way, McGregor unmasked only last week which he had been in negotiations with the UFC about returningpotentially in July and seemed dead set on getting a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov. But McGregor also was goal on becoming his “rightful shares in the business,” some point the UFC has been unwilling to amuse. It’s very likely that McGregor has been once again using retirement as a way of playing hardball with the UFC.

Of courseit’s also possible McGregor has only decided head injury is unnecessary when he has other lucrative career options he could pursue. That’s exactly everything UFC President Dana White told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto Atleast.

“He’s got the amount of money to retire along with his whiskey is KILLIN it. When I had been him I’d retire too. He’s retiring out of fighting. Not from working. The Whiskey will help keep him busy and I’m so sure he’s got anything else he’so focusing on. He’s been so fun to see!!! He’s accomplished incredible things in this game. I will be quite happy for him and that I enjoy watching him be successful outside of the octagon because he had been inside it. ”

McGregor has prevailed in their own businesses beyond of fighting. Last year he released his own brand of whiskey, Suitable 1-2, that sold out in the United States at the first two weeks and it has since become the most followed soul brand on Instagram. McGregor also has partnered with David August to release his own clothing line, August McGregor. Additionally, there are the various film roles which are available to McGregor should his retirement become genuine and he wish to pursue Hollywood. Then clearly, there’s the world of simulated combat to ply also.

In case McGregor may be the biggest celebrity in MMA history, Ronda Rousey isn’t far behind. Rousey parlayed her MMA success in to numerous film characters and, finally, into a spot in the WWE. Now, Rousey is defined to headline the first-ever women’s main event at Wrestlemania the following month and she is preparing to toast to McGregor’s decision to pursue other endeavors.

“It’S-A creative means to retire plus it had been a mysterious means to retire,” Rousey said on SportsCenter. “We will see how permanent it is. In case he wants to retire forever, he’s more than earned it. As I saidI’m ready to buy the second round. ”

McGregor has been around the WWE sphere for years today , along with his character and “Billionaire Strut” obtained directly out of their rankings. Is it possible this is all just a set up for McGregor to look at Wrestlemania the following month?

Absolutely .


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