PHOENIX — Philadelphia Eagles trainer Doug Pederson believes Carson Wentz may grow as a teammate by being more”susceptible” along with his peers, a key part of the maturation process that he saw greats such as Dan Marino and Brett Favre go through firsthand.

“First of all, I think everybody can be a better teammate. I’m a better trainer. “You’re obviously committed to a craft, to developing your skill, however it’s like you would like to walk across the aisle and also talk to the other hand. And that is all part of the maturation process and the development process, and it’s something you learn through time.

“I watched it using a number of the greatest quarterbacks I have played , I saw it in Dan MarinoI saw it in Brett Favre. As a way to become much better teammates they approached the entire team and take on that personality, and then people followalong with Carson’s captured that in himhe’s got it into his DNA, which is what we’re excited about.”

Wentz acknowledged he”maybe was not the greatest teammate at times” last season because he fought multiple injuries, functioned independently by the group while he rehabbed and coped with the disappointment of being forced to again watch the team have success against the sideline.

It was in reaction to a critical article of him at the PhillyVoice by which sources explained as selfish and egotistical. Wentz refuted multiple details from the story but enabled that he is a work in advance. A range of teammates shot to social media in his shield.

“It’s harder when you are unfamiliar along with your guys such as he had been last year because he had been rehabbing and he isn’t on the market, so it’s hard,” Pederson said of Wentz. “However, the more today he interjects himself with the team, that is everything you’ll notice. It’s hard as you want to be on the market along with your guys and you would like to be competing along with your guys, when you’re not, it’s hard.”

Pederson said Wentz is at”that a good spot” mentally and will be feeling good emotionally as he recovers from the stress fracture on his back. Pederson said the team is optimistic which Wentz is going to be all set for OTAs.

“He and I’m tight. We’re married too. Part of my job will be to help all the players on the team become much better mates,” Pederson said. “I’m excited about this season, dealing together with him , and finding this thing moving.”


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