Conor-mcgregor ’s latest retirement announcement is very likely to bring a backseat into major allegations between the UFC star that were reported Tuesday.

” The alleged incident was reported by Irish novel RTE about Dec. 1-2, 2018, but because of this Gardai not releasing the name of this defendant, he was simply referred to as an “Irish sports star”. The country’s laws do not allow for suspects in rape cases to be named unless they’re not convicted.

Regardless, rumors swirled on social networking speculating that McGregor was that the sportsman in question.

MMA Fighting achieved to McGregor’s crew for comment and obtained an announcement from spokeswoman Karen J. Kessler:

“This story has been circulating for some time and it’s unsure why it’s being reported now.

“The assumption that the Conor retirement statement now relates to the rumor is completely false.

“Should Conor struggle in the long run it has to be in an environment where boxers are respected for their own value, their skill, their hard work and their dedication to the sport. ”

After the New York Times report, McGregor was arrested in January and questioned by law enforcement in regards to this incident, but released pending further investigation. He have not been officially charged with a crime.

In the report, McGregor is clarified as an “intermittent guest” at the establishment and sources claim to have observed him visit until the night of this incident, booking the hotel penthouse.

Authorities have evidence against McGregor’s room and “closed circuit camera footage”, even as stated by the New York Times citing a source with knowledge of this investigation.

This may be the second time that a McGregor arrest has made the headlines. Earlier in March, McGregor was detained for allegedly taking the mobile phone of a person who was simply wanting to have an image of him and hammering it on the ground outside of a hotel in Miami, Florida. He had been charged using strongarmed robbery and criminal mischief, also so is confronting a litigation for this incident.

McGregor, a former UFC light weight and featherweight champion, is now under suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his involvement in the infamous UFC 229 brawl at October between his team and that of rival Khabib Nurmagomedov. He also got a $50,000 fine for this infraction.


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