At the height of her celebrity, Rousey was right alongside McGregor since the 2 biggest appeals to the .

Folllowing her last fight in 20-16, Rousey decided to exit the and focus on a brand new career in where she’s thriving as one of the primary stars on this roster. Meanwhile, late Monday night McGregor stunned the entire world by declaring his retirement for the second time in 3 years amidst discussions using the on his next fight.

“When he would like to retire forever, he’s earned it. Like I said, I’m ready to get that second round. ”

Rousey never retired from fighting herself, but by all accounts she’s not anticipated to compete in the Octagon again.

McGregor is at a very different place than Rousey after coming up with his statement he’s decided to retire from the game.

He’s coming from a hard fought loss to past October in the biggest pay per view of all time, which came 14 months afterwards McGregor faced Floyd Mayweather at a game which has been the next biggest pay per view in history.

It’s safe to state McGregor definitely gets got the amount of money to retire but whether the 30-year old Irishman actually stays far from fighting indefinitely remains to be viewed.


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