Crewe Alexandra has consented to pay funds to a former player after he was mistreated by coach Barry Bennell.

Bennell was detained for 31 years in 2018 for attacking 1 2 former players throughout his period at the League Two club along with Manchester City.

The solicitor representing that the participant stated”it was a long time coming”.

Crewe Alexandra said it didn’t”consider it appropriate to discuss individual cases which are being dealt with by its insurer”.

The amount of the payoff wasn’t disclosed, however some reports indicate it incurs tens of thousands of pounds.

Solicitor Dino Nocivelli stated that the payment followed court proceedings and he hoped it meant additional survivors would find a chance at justice.

He explained:”Hopefully they [Crewe Alexandra] have seen sense now; they know what ought to be donethey know the right thing to perform by predators and they are going to do that.

“The question would be,’does this happen?’ , and the earlier the better, really.”

However, Mr Nocivelli reported the club had not apologised to the victim, adding:”It isn’t just about the amount of money. It is about some body requiring accountability and also apologising to his or her failings.”

It emerged Crewe had confessed to a Soccer Association-commissioned question it did no background checks about Bennell before hiring him encouraged him along with other trainers to invite boys to stay overnight in their houses and take them holidays.

Manchester City has set a multi-million pound compensation scheme for sufferers of historical child sexual abuse carried out by former trainers at the club.


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