had been at the middle of controversy this past year as it ran an style and style of wheel spacer which comprised holes for greater venting to help manage cooling of their tyres.

As the look was deemed wholly lawful by the FIA, rival outfits questioned the regulating body about if it violated regulations which outlaw moveable aerodynamic apparatus.

To get around the prospect of a protest throughout the F1 title battle, Mercedes chose not to conduct the designs for all races until the tournament was confirmed.

However, with the concept given that the greenlight, has pushed with the idea this year.

It’s understood both and have trialled their particular versions this year too, along with different drapes evaluating similar designs.

However he thinks it would have been erroneous of the regulating body to try to ditch something which was within the rules.

“But if you would like my opinion, ” I tell you these complicated designs are not a fantastic thing for f 1, because they cost lots.

“once they seemed in October we could not change things without a dictatorial behave, because we found they admired the principles.

“So it doesn’t surprise me that additional teams are coming to benefit from the same concept.”


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