Leicester Tigers are most likely in the”worst period in their own history”, according to head trainer Geordan Murphy.

“It gets me feel dreadful,” Murphy told BBC Radio Leicester.

“Confidence is extremely low. It’s hard to maintain yourself up, but we don’t have any choice. We are in a dogfight now.”

Even a 29-15 home overcome by fierce rivals Northampton Saints and wins for Worcester and Newcastle at the weekend abandoned Leicester legend Murphy without uncertainty about the scale of the task that his face.

“therefore to be incharge of it, having played for the club knocking 350 times, can be really a tough one to take.

“For myself and one other coaches, who are dedicating our lives to it, it’s not something we do on a Tuesday and a Thursday and walk away and have a beer on a Saturday.

“It affects our dwelling lives, our lives and our own personal lives. We do not sleep and we stress. At the end of the day it’s a sport, but it means so much to the people involved so it’s tough.”

He continued:”We’ve been under great pressure all season; we have not performed anywhere near and we could.

“It’s a huge melting pot of issues, but it is what it is. There are not any explanations out of me personally. The inventors who are here all want to be here and putting the shirt . We have a bunch who will work very, very hard to have it correctly.”

Eight teams are split by just 12 points, while the bottom four have seven points between these.

Murphy, who took over as head coach in December following an abysmal fascination in charge, said trying to restore confidence was vital to turning things around.

“It is incredibly boring but it’s genuinely one game at one time,” he added.

“It is just trying to refuse for all and that’s where we are now at. If you buy a run of a few wins then you definitely find yourself increasing the table very quickly.

“Everybody appears to be knocking each other over. It is quite tight in the centre so that it’s not all doom and gloom. I think it is tough to consume but we are where we are”


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