The American ensemble emerged from the season-opening Australian Grand Prix as the leading team behind , and — also can be bullish about the potential of its 20-19 challenger.

Team manager Gunther Steiner says the team plans to get its first major update on the car for the — early in the day than it’s been doing before.

Talking with,” Steiner said:”This year you want to change approach because with regulations you’ll be able to make larger gains with upgrades.

“Because what’s brand new, you have the possibility to produce larger gains from the beginning.

“Our aim is to bring an upgrade to . I believe everybody’s plan is, while there’s excellent potential to create the car better in a shorter time because there is lower hanging fruit after an auto is developed for a single year”

Although waiting before Spanish GP seems late, will not think rival teams brings developments much sooner than that.

“In Bahrain I really don’t think anyone brings excellent upgrades,” he said. “I feel the upgrade war starts from . I presume everybody’s upgrading, and we’re upgrading. I’m positive about this.”

Steiner states the evidence from the summer season opener in , having its -powered car quick in qualifying and the race,” points into good things for his team from 20-19.

“Sometimes you’ve a car that you may perform a lap when all goes and it is fantastic,” he said.

“This car seems to be simply good all of the time and very solid. The drivers want it, the balance is good, it’s always exactly the same. Let us hope we keep it like this.”

Guenther Steiner, Team Principal, Haas F1

Photo by: Andy Hone / LAT Images


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