Tim Hardaway was part of one of the initial Massive Threes, and also the other two are in the Hall of Fame. He believes he knows why he’s not combined them: his well-publicized rant from more than ten years past, in which he said he hated gay folks.

Hardaway, 52, had been a five-time all star in his 13 seasons in the group. His cross over movement was legendary.

He awakened up with Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin to make”Run TMC” at Golden State and lead the Warriors back to relevance with an intriguing form of basketball. Mullin and Richmond are equally in the Hall.

Hardaway went onto put up big numbers for trainer Pat Riley in . His career numbers undoubtedly deserve Hall of Fame consideration, but he said that they’re daunted by the comments he left four years after he murdered.

“I don’t like gay people and I don’t like to be around gay folks. I am homophobic. I really don’t want it. It shouldn’t be on earth or at the United States.”

Asked about potentially having a gay teammate — such as John Amaechi, who’d recently come outside — Hardaway reacted:”First of all, I’d not need him on my own team. And second , if he had been on my team, I’d, you know, really space myself from him because, uh, I actually don’t believe that’s ideal. And you understand I don’t think he should take the locker room while we’re in the lockerroom. I wouldn’t even be part of that.”

Subsequent to the comments, Hardaway was prohibited from the league’s all star festivities. He apologized, but it has been a long road to recovery for his standing. He has worked with LGBTQ groups to raise awareness and secure rights and petitioned Florida to commemorate same sex marriage.

Annually his name resurfaces when Hall of Fame finalists are called, and every year he is passed .

“You understand the reason I’m not in could be as a result of that which I said in 2007 about gay folks,” he told Hoops Hype recently. “That is why I’m not in at this time, and I understand it. I hurt a good deal of people’s feelings and it came off the wrong way and it had been bad of me to mention. Ever since then, I’ve turned a wrong to a right. Don’t back from this and be scared of it. Go make it make people understand that you made a mistake.’

“And that’s exactly what I did. I’m attempting to do what’s correct, encouraging gay folks and transgender folks. I want visitors to understand [exactly what they go through] and understand them as people. They shouldn’t be regarded as’alternative’ people. All those are people too. They ought to get to live their lives just like we live our lives so having freedom and having a great time. They ought to get to appreciate their lifetime the way that they’re designed to enjoy life. … I’ve spoke to people from the LGBTQ community [and I tell them],’You’re supposed to possess exactly the very exact rights which we have and assumed to find a way to do every thing that people do. You need ton’t be outcast.'”

Hardaway, who was simply a Detroit Pistons assistant from 2014 to 2018, ” said making the Hall”will mean alot,” but”there is nothing I can do about this .”

“I understand I’m not in. All I can do is stay living. My parents always explained,’You can not get a grip on what you can not control.'”


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