UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has long admitted that a move up to heavyweight was all but inevitable at some point in his career, but’d sort of backed off of this idea recently. It appears that he may be reconsidering.

Jones lately recaptured the tournament belt by defeating alexandergustafsson and defending it against Anthony Smith. That leaves few high tier contenders to battle to your 205-pound strap. 

Increase the equation which UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is now sidelined with some health difficulties, and that leaves the field wide open to somebody like Jones to swoop in and steal the spotlight at the promotion’therefore heaviest weight category. 

There were already some rumblings out of Cleveland which UFC brass was considering Jones fighting former heavyweight champion Stipe Moicic the summer at UFC 239 at Las Vegas, but Jones on Wednesday added a little gas into the embers, perhaps stoking a few flames into the rumors.

“I don’t even think you guys are ready to see Stipe Miocic and I. Can July give you all enough time?

A lot of the UFC’s discussions with fighters over the last few years have been heavily influenced by fan reactions when boxers decide to try societal media and try to get fans worked about a certain bout, thus increasing their bargaining power with all the UFC. 

Is that where people ’re at with Jones vs. Miocic? 

From the meetings with all the press at and around UFC 235, Jones said he was prepared to generate the jump to heavyweight to fight famous brands brocklesnar , Cormier, or Miocic, however that the UFC will have to “make it worth my time. ”

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Do you like Jones vs. Miocic enough that you think that the UFC is likely to allow it to be worth while?


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