You’d be hardpressed to find a buff who wouldn’t by slightly intrigued by means of a matchup between light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and former heavy weight champion Stipe Miocic.

Jones knows it as well. The 31-year-old has regularly discussed a potential jump up in branches, but has spent his entire livelihood competing at 205 lbs.

Notably Miocic, who’s yet to be booked since a loss to Daniel Cormier last July cost him his title and snapped his first list of three sequential heavy weight title defenses. On Wednesday, Jones cautioned He could be interested in combating Miocic this summertime:

“I don’t think you guys are prepared to watch Stipe Miocic and I,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “Can July provide you with enough time? ”

Though Jones didn’t specify a date or event, an individual can safely assume he’s aiming to the 239 charge card on July 6 at vegas. Jones recently experienced a battle with the Nevada Athletic Commission as it refused to license him for a bout by alexandergustafsson at UFC 232 past December (case will be moved to Inglewood, Calif., where Jones conquered Gustafsson to capture a empty lightheavyweight name ) as a result of strange findings at certain of his recent drug tests, however the NAC later defeated him due to his most recent title defense at UFC 235 against Anthony Smith.

Miocic continues to be holding out for a rematch using Cormier, therefore it was seen if Jones will be the main one to convince him to take on a different challenge.


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