Alonso hurried for from 2010 to 2014 and ended runnerup on 2 occasions but had been repeatedly frustrated since the team was out gunned by RedBull and then .

Montezemolo was accountable at until shortly before Alonso’s personal departure Although he believes

Alonso was unfortunate to race for when it had been less competitive, he claims that the Spaniard was not similar personality because the kind of and Niki Lauda.

“Number one, to be honest, ” he had been unlucky to maintain if RedBull was exactly the same, or very close to being, as at the beginning of the 2000s,” said Montezemolo in the latest bout of F1’s official podcast.

“The next, ” I really don’t like to but I have to state this, ” he had been unfortunate.

“Or, when the team made a huge mistake this season, as it had been enough to finish fourth, and now then we lose the championship at the last race.

The greatest difference between Michael, and Niki, is he had been Alonso — perhaps maybe not Alonso [with] .

“When he wins, he’s joyful. When he does not win, it’s the issue of the team, he’s miserable.

To be near to this team in the decent moments is simple”

F1 had teased the Montezemolo podcast Tuesday evening on Twitter, releasing the reference to Alonso being miserable and blaming the team if he didn’t triumph.

That sparked a reply from Alonso, who promised the”president never said that”.

Montezemolo said that Alonso had been a”very good” motorist, on a par with Vettel and Le Hamilton as the most effective driver of this modern age and”very close” to Schumacher along with his race performances.

“Alonso from the race can be a fantastic driver — was, and can be,” he further added. “He even lost the championships maybe not for his mistakes.

“In normal conditions, minus the mistakes of this team is 2010, and without Vettel very, very lucky in the last race [in 2012].

“When he won one tournament, now we’re referring to something different.

“We’re talking that Alonso, despite many years he’s not got the very best car, he was in a position to secure the tournament “

Alonso’s successor at , four-time world champion Vettel, has so far failed to end the team’s name drought too.

Montezemolo signed up Vettel but left prior to the diver united, and said he had been less comfortable speaking about the German, however, believes he could be”not cold enough in certain moments”.

“My feeling from out — and from out sometimes you are wrong — is he’s quick, a nice human being, he loves he knows the obligation,” he said.

“But I think that maybe he does not have the strength “

Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso and Luca di Montezemolo

Felipe Massa, and Luca di Montezemolo


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