Early this week,” conor-mcgregor allegedly retired from MMA. McGregor’s retirement was so surprising and unexpected, that many did not believe this to be true. After all, McGregor made the same proclamation in 20-16 while in the middle of a contract dispute with the UFC.

“You know, I was amazed,” White told TMZ Sports recently. “It came out of left field last night. A great deal of people were thinking that it was posturing because of discussions but we really harbor ’t even been negotiating that hard. He explained that in ChicagoI saw that and he sent me a text, but now we ’t really never experienced a bad conversation with conor-mcgregor since he’s been in the UFC.

“He moved and he said I feel like I should have a piece of the firm,” White stated. However, it is really a couple weeks ago. And then yesterday evening when he did that – listen, I still don’t even know why everybody’so shocked about it. When you think about it, ever since the Floyd Mayweather fight, you don’t even know if this person ’s ever gonna fight . He’s fought since he won in 2016. ”

McGregor recently told fans in Chicago that he was hunting “his property stocks ” in the UFC, some thing he’s been later considering becoming the organizations “champ champ” after rapping out Eddie Alvarez. It’s something the UFC has been staunchly against. Though the organization did yield some for Your Currency Fight against Floyd Mayweather, co-promoting the venture with Showtime Boxing, Mayweather Promotions, also McGregor’s McGregor Sports and Entertainment, they have drawn a tough line against stopping equity. That doesn’t even seem prone to change anytime soon, with White saying the only real way heor she rsquo;d give any is in case McGregor taken care of it.

“I’m pretty sure that’s the situation,” White stated. “However Conor has never turn outside, sat down with me and said, ‘” I need a piece of the company, here’s why. ’ & We ’t never had that conversation. We did it in text a couple weeks ago. As I saidI’t had a bad conversation with conor-mcgregor in the full time he’s been in this provider. You know I really like the guy. He’s got plenty of money, when he would like to retire, then that’s his decision. I say, once you talk about retirement, it’s probably some thing you should do if this ’s that which you’re believing.

“if you would like to own a piece of the business, you’d need to put up the funds to purchase a sheet of the company. This ’s how it works. These are all parts of negotiation. In the event that you wanted to buy into the UFC at this time, the valuation is really huge. ”

White also confessed when McGregor wanted to do some horsetrading and negotiate section of his cover as equity alternatives, he would be inclined to entertain the idea. But at this time might not be the ideal time for that. In addition to this, the UFC just recently signed an exclusive PPV cope with ESPN, and therefore the UFC has never needed McGregor less. Anyway, White says, the UFC is just a brand unto itself and doesn’t even need McGregor to keep dancing.

“I’ve been hearing that when every celebrity is coming into the end of their livelihood. People have been saying that to me for 20 yearsago After we sold the firm, ” & lsquo;Ari paid too much and the UFC is dead now! Theyrsquo;re gonna get yourself a television deal! ’ I hear that this stuff regular.

“First of all, no body knows exactly what we’re taking care of. Nobody knows anything about it sport. No One! Perhaps not really the alleged pros because most of this stuff is new. The things we’re doing – we’ve already been the trailblazers in this industry for the last 20 years and then we ’r e gonnabe for the next 20 years too. The things that we’Reworking is so huge Therefore next degree and it’s pretty awesome when we have stars such as Georges St Pierre along with Anderson Silva along with Conor McGregor along with Ronda Rousey. However, it’s part of sport. There will be others. ”

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