At least six important changes were announced to the 2020 program with one of the very surprising being the season finale being transferred from Homestead-Miami Speedway to ISM Raceway near Phoenix. Homestead has hosted the last race of this season since 2002.

I think first it is critical to see Miami/Homestead has really been a very good host to its championship, but I think quite important has put on enormous racing,” said Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR’s executive vice president and chief hurrying advancement officer. “Getting full confidence that will last allowed us to earn a big change at the championship.

“Fox was very interested in having Miami within their program of occasions Too.   We’re really able to boost the spring portion of our program, also rotate the championship, more driven from a competitive perspective.

Yet another notable change is that the movement of Daytona out of its July 4 weekend location to eventually become the finale of their normal season. The second Daytona race has been held July 4 in 1959 until 1988 after which held the weekend closest to July 4 since.


“Everybody believed Daytona belonged there and track deserved to potentially be on that date. Then since you look at July 4 being traditional weekend roughly NASCAR in general, clearly needed a iconic venue to meet this particular slot.

The iconic venue will soon be Indianapolis Motor Speedway which will assume the date during the nation’s holiday weekend.

O’Donnell also discussed one other huge change in the program and a first at the annals of NASCAR’s top division – a doubleheader weekend at the same centre.

Pocono Raceway, which held of its Cup Series dates over five or five weeks of one another summer, will now develop into the first track to host backtoback races on the exact same weekend.

&ldquoWe obviously spoke to a variety of those places to see what might or might not do the job. Nick Igdalsky was very eager to take a shot at this.  

“We thought it was a terrific venue to pull this off in terms of the number of folks that not only attend that race, however, go and camp, make a three‑day weekend out of it.   If we could offer a little more content, then we thought it would be amazing.

The program changes also include a summer break for the Cup show in 2020, during which NBC is going to soon be televising the Olympics. The calendar movement will likely also have the season conclude on Nov. 8, about a couple of weeks earlier than in recent seasons.

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While the fluctuations could be considered extreme, O’Donnell said this might only be the beginning. The 2020 season is the last year of the sanctioning agreements, which might open the door for even further fluctuations in 2021.               

“” I feel several of the motions were made thinking beforehand,” said O’Donnell. “Now we have a great deal to check at for 2021. I believe a great deal of the tracks with kind of the iconic dates or if we move several of these, we want to use to stay to just as far as you can.

&ldquoWe did make a number of these moves in expectation of where would we’re at the long run, without a doubt.

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