Former fighter Philip De Fries continued his inaugural resurgence by asserting a one-sided decision over KSW light heavy weight champion Tomasz Narkun within their KSW 4-7 super fight last weekend, marking his second title defense since asserting the pro motion ’s heavy weight crown.

The towering English heavyweight spoke of his great esteem for former rival Satoshi Ishii in front of this Lodz mainevent and underlined that japan fighter could seems sensible as a future name challenger if they both claim successes on the card. Together with Ishii edging out former champion Fernando Rodrigues Jr. in his own KSW debut on Saturday night, De Fries expects that the former Olympian is very likely to be the future challenger into his heavyweight strap.

“We spoke a bit,” d e Fries told . “I was training using Fernando as well so it may possibly have been a tiny bit awkward once we were together, however, we spoke a bit.

“[Ishii is] only a excellent guy. Most his corners are good guys, however that fight is most likely to occur, but I being friends with him won’t affect me wanting to get him. I didn’t love [Tomasz] Narkun that far, however that I didn’t struggle him angry, I had been more impartial. I only attempt to keep a straight face and stay exactly the same. ”

Despite taking three out of the funniest fighters beneath the banner hence far–Michal Andryszak,” Karol Bedorf, Tomasz Narkun–d e Fries acknowledged that international ences would see Ishii a bigger scalp. He noticed that he would also prefer to avenge his loss into Ishii dating back IGF inch in 2014, before the English heavy weight had sought help for his stress .

“I guess [the win could mean more for international fans],” however it will mean much to me personally well since he defeat before. He overcome anxious Phil, now it’s time for un-anxious Phil and he’s looking for revenge. ”

De Fries has been quick to mention that the Ishii struggle have not yet been made yet and suggested that a significant showing by Bedorf or Damian Grabowski could secure them the next crack at the ring depending on which goes on if they struggle at KSW 49.

“You never know, they may possibly bring somebody back. Some might take a dominant win and also KSW could give them [the next name shot]. I don’t understand, I presume logically [Ishii] could be the struggle to create and it’S-A struggle I’m glad with. I’m convinced Ishii would like to struggle for the belt too, so if everybody else ’s joyful you will want to move ahead with it? ”


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