GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Jachai Polite was unable to accomplish much at Florida’s pro day to compensate for his lackluster on-field performance at the combine.

The 6-foot-2, 254-pound defensive lineman conducted another disappointing 4.8-second 40-yard dash — exactly the identical number he submitted in s — and also aggravated the hamstring injury he originally suffered 10 weeks before the combine. But Polite felt getting off to a fantastic start at making up to his unite meeting room operation was potentially even more essential with this future.

Teams may watch Polite’s cassette of his three seasons with Gators and determine what type of player he could be, but he’s made to pay the next month convincing teams which he’s not the pulled, sullen kid who publicly complained about clubs”bashing” him showing film of his bad plays.

“It has been pretty rough, but it’s really a important learning experience for me, something I’ve been through in my own life,” Polite said Wednesday. “I simply keep learning every day. No one in my family has been through anything like this, so I had no body to help me, really, besides my representative. But I never knew how deep and mentally tough you had to be for this moment.

“… At the end of the day they are trying to pay for one to play for their own team, so I get why they did what they did. It wasn’t really that bad, I took it the wrong manner and was frustrated and stuff”

He said he asked him questions about his personality and then turned on cassette of a few of the poor plays UF. He admitted he got rattled and ended up moving into a bit of a shell and giving short, imprecise replies.

“I just wasn’t ready mentally.”

He had been supposed to be. Good agents make certain their customers proceed through combine training. They have been given mock interviews and cautioned teams can ask crazy, out of nowhere, apparently irrelevant questions. Polite got that training, which explains why his representative Jon Perzley, was so surprised Polite responded how he did.

When the negative media followedPerzley said his client was devastated.

“It killed me to see him like that, to be honest,” Perzley said. “It had been very hard for me to process because all my interactions with him have been great. Even with his interview homework before the combine we had not any reason to believe that anything could happen. I think it had been somewhat overhyped by the media, but at the end of the day there’s going to be teams who like him and teams who do not, one manner or other, and we all need is one team.

“… If you are going to take a 15-minute interview of any person and make your sole decision on where you h to draft a kid, I think that is a flawed process.”

That might be the situation, nevertheless the next month to get Polite is really all about damage control. They can significantly mitigate the poor on-field unite and pro day operation with the cassette of his 2018 season: 1-1 sacks, six forced fumbles, and 17.5 tackles for loss to generate first team All-SEC honors.

But the one way he will be in a position to compensate due to his bad interview performance is with an increase of face-to-face meetings (Perzley says he’s got 30 scheduled). There is potentially a lot of money riding on it.

“Inside my head I feel like I’m still there [a first-round pick],” said Polite, who’ll turn 21 on Saturday. “Where they pick me, I actually don’t understand. But I believe in myselffirst and foremost. Whoever gets me, whoever’s taking an opportunity from my dreadful interviews and unite, they are going to acquire a excellent player. That is all I understand.”


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