To many it feels just like the loneliest job in football – the third-choice goal keeper who plays.

They train with the first team and traveling to games, knowing they may only play at the eventuality of an injury crisis.

Some are in the role for most their livelihood. The others do it at the last years before retirement.

Former England goal keeper Rob Green explains just what life because a third-choice goal keeper at a Premier League club would be love.

At no time did I say’howmuch?’ – Green joining Chelsea

“It isn’t some thing that I envisaged doing once I put out – thinking’oh yeah I would like to be considered a third-choice keeper’ – however your position changes as your career continues.”

Green joined Chelsea at July 2018 at the age of 38 on a yearlong contract later leaving Huddersfield – where he was also second choice – at the end of the 2017-18 year old.

He has played a match this campaign, with the entire world’s most expensive goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga first selection and Willy Caballero preferred when the Spaniard is absent.

“My involvement hasn’t been much as I’d have enjoyed but it had been made clear from the start; if everybody else remains healthy that’s the role that I have got,” says Green, now 3-9.

“I can not really complain if this is exactly how it’s panned out”

Kepa Arrizabalaga and Willy Caballero

For Green, money was”not a factor” in his decision to join Chelsea.

“somebody contacted me at the onset of the season and said do you need to sign for Chelsea?” Green says. “maybe not at one point did I mention’howmuch?’

“You would like to be paid. It’s the job. It’s similar to anyone else turning at an office. It helps nourish your loved ones however, maybe not at one point was it a motivating factor.”

Green, who has previously played at the topflight for Norwich, West Ham and Queens Park Rangers, said he joined Chelsea to”experience football at the top end of the Premier League”.

“You consider it and think’what arouses you’,” he says. “I have learnt a lot in 2013.

“It’s actually the first time in my own career I haven’t looked at 40 points and presumed’thankfully we have made that’. To see how a players operate was a true insight”

‘Training is being peppered at 3-9’

Tactical work, pretending to be Saturday’s competition and keeping morale is all part of Green’s role at Chelsea.

Despite not playing games he cries along with Kepa and Caballero every-day but admits matters are dissimilar to if he had been choice.

“There’s a lot of strategic work before matches so generally on a Thursday and a Friday I’m more often training as the opposition compared to the Chelsea goal keeper,” he says.

“That is a large difference. The motivation of the game on the Saturday isn’t really there.

“Finally you depend on to locate tools to stay motivated and keep healthy, rather than utilize outside factors just such as the matches “

Rob Green

He adds:”What that they don’t desire is needing to think too much about the state of mind of some guy who is not likely to be playing and wonder whether he’s likely to throw his toys from the pram.

“In case you are able to drag people along that is more of the role than at a tangible sense on the pitch.

“Physically it is still rough. You are around the pitch daily. It’s really actually just a seven day week. It’s nothing like I’m 2-1. I’m 39 and out there becoming peppered again. It’s still a demanding role.”

‘I find that a cup of tea and then sit and go at the stand’

The largest gap is always to a match day.

Green is part of Chelsea’s 25-man Premier League squad and travels to”every match”.

“I move to every one the meetings, do each one the pre-match, do the warm-up and help in every manner that you can, while it is collecting balls, rescue crossing or shots balls inside,” he says.

“Then, once the players are ready to return to the pitch, you’re becoming changed and more frequently than not at a way games that I find that a cup of tea and sit and go at the rack ”

However, there is no problem of sitting and relaxing. Green says watching from the stands gives him a”different perspective” to the trainers on the touchline plus he will feed into post-match analysis.

Rob Green

“You see things that men and women in the dug out and players on the pitch can’t view,” he explains.

“I have existed football quite a long time and know a lot about it so if I have an opinion and don’t voice it afterward it is a tiny waste. I may too provide a comment while I’m here”

What’s all that enough to make him feel part of the Chelsea team?

“In a literal sense you’re there as far as everybody else, but virtually no,” he says. “you do not get that identical motivation. There’s not the exact identical climax at the end of the week.

“There’s not the same commitment in a physical or emotional sense.

“You are frustrated once the team loses and delighted for them whenever they win nonetheless it is not you. It’s some thing you’re a part of but it is maybe not you saving the shot”

In general, Green’s time at Chelsea has comprised positives and negatives on a individual level but he says there are other benefits that have already been”incredible”.

“Looking back on it today , as far as anything, it was an awesome experience for myself and my kid,” he says.

“Soccer has come to his life at the age of seven or six plus it’s blown his mind. For his daddy to be part of it Chelsea is outstanding.

“From a personal level I will probably look back being able to take my kid to Wembley and take him to Stamford Bridge to find that a club like Chelsea as something that’s special for me.

“Whether it is part of the career I’ll look back with frustration, ” I don’t think so.

“It’s given me opportunities for the future and other people pleasure too.”


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