One of the six survivors of the plane crash which killed most of the ian soccer group Chapecoense in 2016 has died after suffering a heart attack.

Literary journalist Rafael Henzel, 4-5, dropped while playing football with friends on Tuesday. He was taken to hospital but died shortly afterwards.

Chapecoense described him as a”emblem of their club reconstruction”.

The plane carrying 77 people, including 19 Chapecoense players, expired in Colombia after running out of fuel.

A highly respected journalist, Henzel returned to his job in a radio station at the southern city of Chapecó after recovering from the 28 November 2016 crash.

“Throughout his colorful career, Rafael told the story of Chapecoense,” the Chapecó club said in a tribute on its website (in Portuguese).

“The white and green pages with the institution will bear in mind his example of overcoming [adversity] and what he did.”

Henzel was advised to pay the game between Chapecoense and also Criciúma for national championship Copa do Brasil on Wednesday.

Speaking to the BBC a couple weeks after the accident, Henzel claimed the passengers had no warning of the impending crash.

“whenever we were 10-15 minutes far from landing, the motors went because the plane had raced out of fuel… I put my seatbelt and that I believed the motors would go back in a few minutes. But that didn’t come about.”

Henzel, who had seven ribs broken,” said he couldn’t remember the moment of the crash and that he had become the penultimate passenger to be emptied.

“My fantasy was to keep coming straight back to my city, feel the earth under my feet. And this finally happened. It was a really special moment,” said the journalist, who published a novel about the crash in 20 17.

The other survivors are footballers Alan Ruschel, Helio Zemper Neto and Jakson Follmann, along with team members Ximena Suarez along with ER-Win Tumiri.


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