RedBull and have begun a brand new two-year venture in 2013 and within their initial grandprix together in the n season opener they scored ’s first podium as it came back to the grid within 2015.

That marked the conclusion of an 81-race run in the v-6 turbo-hybrid engine era without a podium for , but greater target for this season is to evaluate victories.

, such as most participants, should commit to a fresh F1 bargain beyond 20 20.

When asked how essential the RedBull opportunity is always to convince the business to do so, F1 managing director Masashi Yamamoto told”This year will be very crucial for to consider how we can perpetrate after 20 20 with Formula 1 ) .”

Yamamoto, speaking throughout the n Grand Prix weekend, also added:”We all think we have to gauge the total situation.

“One [factor] is about the 2021 regulation, of course it’s going to be contained. Also, the business and marketing around F1.

“The final thing may be the result we can make with RedBull. We cannot just decide in 1 thing.”

Yamamoto had signaled prior to that the leadership the rulemakers were carrying was”right” and that they had been”listening” to the manufacturers’ discussion.

After re joining the F1 grid in 2015, endured three dreadful seasons with in which its engine was underpowered, unreliable and routinely criticised.

But its rebuilding year with ’s junior team — in 2018 has been enough to earn it a shot having a race-winning outfit again.

Yamamoto’s new role as F1 managing director, with been its overall motorsport supervisor before, is an indicator of this attention is giving its F1 project.

He said that his responsibility would be to guarantee the technical team features a”comfortable environment” to workin and handle the connection with ’s upper-management.

“As , once we participate in any category of motorsport, our intention is to win,” said Yamamoto.

“Before we started with RedBull, ” I clarified the facts to the management how exactly we’re going to reach that. We then convinced the upper management.

“So now the organization’s feeling, and also the people here, gets got the same way towards winning.”


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