By Jeff Aranow:

The triumph for Spence pushed him to #5 in Ring Magazine’s pound-for-pound list, in front of #6 Gennady Golovkin. That’s good news for Spence’s fans, because g gg continues to be looking very good in the previous seven years and has been a enormous fan base in the USA within a quick period of time.

Even the PPV numbers are still being tabulated, however they can ultimately hit 400,000 buys, which is a really good number for Spence and Garcia, who had never headlined a PPV card before. In this time with all the current prohibited piracy in pay per view in , 400,000 buys can be a great number.

For a great deal of fans, it’SA great deal of money to buy for. That’therefore it was unsatisfactory that a number of the struggles on the card had been one-sided affairs in which the aside fighter easily beat their B-side opponent. The most important event was no exception. Garcia never stood a chance against Spence, also it looked for something like he never placed for much of an attempt to triumph. The fans are going to have memory of this fight, and so they may not be quite as eager to see Mikey Garcia fight on prospective PPV broadcasts if he’will continue have the motions and merely to survive.

Both unbeaten stars went it in a fight that was proven to be disappointingly one-sided with Spence (25-0, 21 KOs) beating the previously undefeated Garcia (39-1, 30 KOs) with a lopsided 12 round unanimous decision by the scores 120-107, 120-108 and 120-108.

The four division world champion Garcia proceeded up two weight classes to try and do the unthinkable in the strong and bigger Spence. As expected, Garcia was defeated readily.

Fox isn’t even expected to comprehend that a official number to get the PPV buys for a certain reason. Perhaps it doesn’t even perform when the numbers are published, as buffs can see as grounds to prevent future pay per view cards if the numbers are low for a particular fighter or fight.

The 360,000 estimated PPV buys for its Spence vs. Garcia card on Fox tops the 325,000 buys generated for the heavyweight clash on December 1 between WBC winner and in a Premier Champions PPV card on SHOWTIME. 1 reason obviously for the bigger pay per view numbers for your Spence-Garcia fight may be the fact that both of the fighters are still all American, and well known.

is from England, and then he ’d been outside of for near three years prior to building a come back recently. Further, both Wilder isn’t considered the greatest heavyweight from the division. , therefore it was always going to be considered a issue of bringing a huge PPV ence for the Wilder vs. Fury fight.

If the PPV buys the Spence vs. Garcia fight holds stable at 360,000 purchases, then it would arrive in just below the 400,000 buys the Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner scrapped retreated in on January 19 on SHOWTIME PPV. Pacquiao, 40, used to be a big pay per view superstar when he fought on HBO, and routinely would tug in over 1million buys. That was during the zenith of Pacquiao’s livelihood and probably earlier piracy of all PPV broadcasts gotten to the degree where it’so at today.

Spence’s next battle in June or August. There’s no word yet for who his opponent is going to be, however it’s definitely going to be interesting to find out whether they can continue to fight on pay per view continue from the Garcia fight. Before signing up a gigantic contract with , Saul Canelo Alvarez proved he could fight on pay per view against anyone and bring in respectable numbers.

In case Spence’s prevalence has been increased along with his triumph within Mikey Garcia, he is the future PPV superstar in . What might hurt Spence could be the manner he opted to stay rather than fighting in his ordinary exciting way he bulldozes his enemies. Spence says he was bothered by comments the critics made ahead of his fight by Garcia, saying he simply knows the way to overpower his opponents and bludgeon them into submission.

So rather than fighting with his ordinary seek and destroy fighting style, Spence caved in the critics by Mikey from the surface the majority of the fight. Spence didn’t see the large film about his fight with Mikey. The spotlight was on Spence, and he might have won within a gigantic number of new fans if he’d fought in a intriguing style.

Spence made a decision to fight in a Mayweather-esque type, staying externally, jabbing and just infrequently opening with his power shots. It was a conservative approach to the fight by Spence, and not the most suitable one for a PPV broadcast. When fans need to pay for a lot of money to find a fight on PPV, they’d want to observe knock outs in the principal events, not pure between a more impressive guy contrary to his smaller, and weaker competition.

Spence’s next fight might be against WBC welterweight champion . Normally would look to be a fight that will be destined for a warfare from start to finish, but maybe not fundamentally. Porter boxed for 12 rounds in his last fight against Yordenis Ugas in winning an in depth 12 round split decision on March 9. In case Spence and Porter both elect to stay in a unification fight between them, it might be a dull event on Premier Champions PPV.

Spence-Garcia was expected to be a one-sided fight from as soon as that it was made. They had Spence, 29, a clear favorite going in to the fight. Despite all that, there were many fans and former fighters who presumed Mikey had a chance to pull an upset of Spence.

The fans had neglected to see closely defectively Mikey had struggled in his fight last year against former light welterweight champion Sergey Lipinets. That fight looked more as a draw or a win for Lipinets predicated on him landing the harder, cleaner shots the full fight. Spence took an unconventional way of beating Mikey by deciding never to make use of his own size, power and reach advantage .

Spence made a decision to box for 11 of those 12 rounds. What Spence did in effect has been give Mikey a disability by not seeking to smash him along with his size. But with the disability, Mikey still badly lost to Spence, because he lacked his own abilities and pedigree. What Spence revealed to the entire world is that Mikey can be still a good fighter, but he’s been winning his own struggles based upon his hitting power his whole career instead of his abilities.

“the overall match is usually to be smart; it’therefore the candy science,” Spence explained. “I’d the size and benefit, why not use it to takeaway the jab? It’S-A weapon for me, and it removes one of his weapons.

Spence landed 345 of all 1082 punches for a 3 2% connect speed, according to CompuBox’therefore numbers. Mikey landed just 75 of 406 shots for A18% link speed.


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