Drivers will now have the ability to trigger their drag-reduction system on the exit of this opening sequence of corners and then use it to attack into the Turn 4 righthander.

The detection zone was placed 50 metres before the first corner and also the activation point is right on the exit of the right-hand kind after the opening complex.

This means drivers will probably have DRS utilize on all three of the Sakhir circuit’therefore meaningful straights.

They are able to use DRS over the start-finish right after tripping on the exit of the last corner.

The new zone provides drivers another chance to strike utilizing DRS if they are perhaps not quite close enough to make a pass into the first corner.

There is also another zone on the back right.

The impact of DRS is significantly more powerful this year because of the bigger trunk wings that have been introduced.

In conjunction with basic aero dynamics at front of the cars to make it much easier for drivers to trace, this will encourage closer racing and more over taking on more traditional designs like the Bahrain track.

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