About 25 March, the Federation of Hauled their withdrawal from the Males ’s South and Central American qualification to the 20-19 IHF Men’s Junior (U21) World Championship into the International Federation, who deeply regret That decision.

has ever been within most of the world and continental championships to which it’s the opportunity to classify, which disturbs us even more,” stated Alejandro Acosta, General Secretary of the federation, in his letter into the IHF.

The teams out of Argentina (ARG), (BRA), Chile (CHI), Colombia (COL), Paraguay (PAR) and Venezuela (VEN) will fight to the three remaining tickets to the males ’s Junior World Championship.

As a result of withdrawal, the game scheme was changed and also the championship will be played on a round robin basis.

All times neighborhood

3 April 2019       
16:00     CHI Versus COL
18:00     BRA Versus PAR
20:00     ARG vs VEN

4 April 2019       
16:00     COL Versus BRA
18:00     PAR Compared to ARG
20:00     VEN Versus CHI

5 April 2019       
16:00     PAR Versus COL
18:00     ARG Versus CHI
20:00     BRA vs VEN

6 April 2019       
16:00     ARG Versus COL
18:00     VEN Compared to PAR
20:00     CHI vs BRA

7 April 2019       
16:00     COL vs VEN
18:00     CHI Compared to PAR
20:00     BRA vs ARG


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