As the times are passing, it’s getting more evident that Mikey made a significant mistake shifting 2 weight classes to challenge Spence. Mikey is shooting hits that are beyond the L he took, but he’s additionally lost the authenticity of being viewed as one of the best pound for pound fighters on the planet.

Garcia is one of my favorite fighters of now, you could almost hear him think when he’therefore in the ring, always set up for anything is coming, and carries crushing power in the hands. It goes without saying I’m a fan, however, I know he was going to lose against Spence. 1 thing I didn’t expect though is that the backslash that both fighters are receiving for that struggle even taking place to start with. An individual could believe that in general, Garcia would get esteem for moving up to challenge the 147 pounder, the problem though is that boxing fans aren’t therefore understanding nor forgiving.

I’ve been puzzled as to the reasons Mikey’s career never became popular as some of their contemporaries have, and truth be told, Mikey has accomplished a lot more than most have. Besides Spence, Mikey never looked bad… everstruggled against a fighter, but never took unpleasant punishment, always made easy successes out his competitors. Both the Spence and Garcia have been informed by Al Haymon, I wonder if Garcia had a hierarchical advisor besides Haymon, such as the kind of a manager or promoter that advised Mikey maybe not to struggle Spence. I know that Mikey’s family advised him to struggle Spence early , however was there that a stakeholder about Mikey’s camp that advised him never to take the struggle, cautioning him it could damage his career? I’m inclined to feel Al Haymon’s fiduciary duties tend to be more loyal to Spence compared to Garcia, afterall Spence has got the capability to be the next boxing superstar after Mayweather. I like Al Haymon’s firm model, however in the case of Garcia, he probably could’ve benefited from a traditional promoter. Truth be told, Mikey’s career is where it will be to get a 4x entire winner.


Here’s the worse part of it all; Mikey Garcia could very realistically vie at welterweight, but because of a such one sided defeat Spence it’s hard for the average man or woman to envision him rival at the weight class in any respect. Here’s unsaid truth about all this, Spence himself is not a natural welterweight ‘’, he’s bigger, he’s more of a organic light middleweight then he is just a welterweight. Some individuals have pointed this out, but simply as far as Garcia is adding weight to meet Spence at 147, Spence is cutting weight to maintain 147. In other words, Garcia did not face possibly the most effective welterweight on the planet, he also faced the biggest one. Imagine porter vs Garcia at a catch weight of 145, or a Danny Garcia at 145, or Amir Khan at 145, Pacquiao at 145 or Jeff Horn at 145. All these are conflicts which for me, Garcia would win or the very least be more aggressive, however, after his performance against Spence, it’s hard for the general public to be reminded that Garcia is in fact one of those pound each pound best fighters of now. Why Mikey didn’t research that doesn’t make sense. His option at 147 is potentially now tarnished because he wouldn’t be used seriously.

Mikey vs Lomachenko

In all real-ness, Mikey vs. Lomachenko may be the only real struggle that the general public really wants to see in either fighter. However, currently there is a issue, Mikey has lost wager in the struggle. Mikey no further has bargaining power, he’s going to be seen like a fighter who has to redeem himself. It’so regrettable because both of them are winners in 135, unifying are the only alternative.


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