Hamilton’s comments come after England footballers had been abused in a match against Montenegro this week.

“It’s is truly there. All around the globe, racism is still a real issue, which is sad to see, so” the 34-year old motorist said.

“People just need to endure because of this longer. Action must be obtained.”

He added:”I just remember coming to school and you’d kind for a smack on the hand to get it plus it’s kind of let slip and that I actually don’t think that will take place anywhere.

“It starts out of parents passing it on to children and it continues “

“It doesn’t appear to be it’s likely to become migrating much over the next years however it’s excellent to see people standing by people in service however it doesn’t appear to be something is going to specially change for a long time.”

Hamilton’s team ruled the season-opening race two weeks before, his teammate directing the Briton home to a onetwo together using the s not quite one minute behind.

But he thinks could return stronger this weekend at Sakhir.

“I hope it’s really a good deal closer this weekend,” he said. “I understand some folks think we were sandbagging or whatever it was in [preseason ] testing.

“We stumbled to the very first race thinking it was definitely going to become a lot closer than that. We didn’t think we would have been a mind and out of the advice I had we were behind.

“We had the surprise of being fast in the previous race however it may change here. Maybe in the last race the tyres had beenn’t working for them. I am as excited as you are to see how that pans out”

He had praise for the progress made by RedBull following their switch from to motors.

Hamilton said:”undoubtedly the s needed a much greater power unit than this past year. The performance is very near, and they have been present in 10bhp of the very best cars. Look at the GPS plus they’re pretty much as quick as we around the straights. That is a good beginning for them and that I simply hope the reliability is excellent for them and they’re able to remain in the fight”


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