might detect himself tackling an increased role together with his shield this autumn. 

That could reach an even higher level in 20-19.

Greg Schiano’s stunning resignation from ’ coaching staff Thursday leaves a gaping hole to fill, and Belichick himself looks to become the leading candidate to do so.

Belichick was prepared for that which was going to be a year of significant transition to the defensive training staff, as three assistants departed this offseason: playcaller Brian Flores became Miami Dolphins head trainer; defensive-line trainer Brendan Daly was appointed Kansas City Chiefs run-game coordinator; along with cornerbacks coach Josh Boyer moved onto become the Dolphins’ pass-defense coordinator.

Belichick told Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski within an interview on SiriusXM that such transition was”part of the price of succeeding.”

Schiano was a key component of Belichick’s plan to ease the transition, so as his respect for Schiano is well documented. Asked Tuesday at the ’s annual meeting about that which he respects about Schiano’s training, Belichick said only,”Everything.”

Now, in a sudden turn, Belichick might need to grab more of the knock himself, unless he elects for a Hail Mary-type drama to try to lure Daly to come back with a coordinator title. A major reason Daly left Kansas City was because his wife had roots , but if had elevated him to a coordinator-level position out of his defensive-line place, it’s hard to assume he would have departed.

So that’s one possible route to consider, however, the most likely scenario may seem like Belichick himself carrying on much more of the coordinator duties.

In that sense, it’s a fantastic thing he’s got this expert offensive coordinator in . Belichick knows they will turn the offense to McDaniels, allowing him a while to dive with the D.

This type of dynamic would be marginally like 2009, if McDaniels had left to become Denver Broncos head trainer and Belichick was more involved with New England’s offense. Quarterbacks coach Bill O’Brien was just his third year on staff which season, and Belichick’s supervision seemed to be somewhat greater on offense as veteran coach Dean Pees was coordinating the defense.

Belichick as defensive coordinator?

There may possibly be worse scenarios because of , even though danger in that is obvious: The duty of the top trainer is so rough in and of itself, Belichick might detect himself spread too sparse.


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