The 47.18kilometers Castagniccia stage — that the longest of the rally — was consistently predicted to become difficult for its own span. Nevertheless, the pre-event recce highlighted an additional challenge that the crews need to be prepared for if they handle it twice on Saturday.

A portion of the trail has been only been half-resurfaced, meaning cars will need to drive approximately 6km within an unusual blend of fresh asphalt and slick gravel.

They have re-surfaced one side and on the other side, you’ve gravel left and straight and inbetween. That’s a bit strange and a bit catchy — however that’s Corsica. ”

Sébastien Loeb, who’s just competed to the Mediterranean island once since he took victory in 2008, admitted he isn’t One of the prospect of driving the mixed-surface section.

“For me personally, I really don’t like this,” that the nine-time winner stated. “The road isn’t finished. The middle 50% of the road is on gravel and the other part is really about Tarmac. You don’t know whether you have to drive right or left. ”

Meeke, meanwhile, acknowledged that the point requirements are a part of the special challenge that Corsica gift ideas also it’ll be up into the teams to correct their own approach.

The shake down pace-setter included: “Like we’ve seen in Corsica every calendar year, whoever owns at the rhythm as well as at the stream, will carry it throughout the entire rally. That piece’s different [the partially resurfaced section] from the others. However, for me personally, if your rhythm flows good you’re going to be able to adapt”

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