Thank you everybody for joining us on the worldwide summit call even once we’re ready for the inaugural Best Rank on pay per view broadcast, Crawford Feb Khan, April 20 at .

Details on how buffs will have the ability to access the pay per view event will be announced later on.

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: Training is going really well. In actuality, I was with Joe Goossen because Virgil was a little sick, and that I had to make a quick change. Now I am back with Virgil. I have experienced my very best performances in with Virgil, excellent wins, also that I couldn’t wait to combine with him again. Since then we began camp, everything has been going well. We are overly hard, training hard, and going to be in excellent condition because we understand that Terence is actually just a wonderful fighter. I admire the way he fights, and that I admire that he’s done it over and over and he’s one of the best pound-for-pound fighters. Additionally, my conditioning coach Tony Brady will be here now. The camp I have had is great and also I ’m so happy with it. Around Terence Crawford — I’m not carrying this fight lightly and I’m not carrying it for a few because I know that I can win this fight with my knowledge, being smart, and that I could go in there and make a big angry. I know I have a lot against me, however that is where I love to really be. This is where I love to be because I’m the underdog. I’m at my best when people are looking over me. This is enough point where I can come back and prove everybody wrong, and that I believe that timing-e, this may be the perfect timing for this fight. I wanted to be up there in the pound-for-pound rankings. I’m 32 today and that I am strong physically and emotionally. I’m prepared for this fight, and that is perfect timing for me personally to carry this struggle and win the fight too. I had yet another fight in the UK against , however in my opinion this fight is stylistically better for me personally. Obviously, that is with , who I want to thank too. I presume that being on , the fight will be bigger, and it will soon be useful for my admiration for me well in the future. Yes, training is still going strong three weeks apart from the fight, and I will be going to be more than ready.

You needed a fight in the UK against that you could have obtained and would have been tremendous there. How can you come to choose the Crawford fight?

: I Enjoy fighting in the States. I have experienced some huge performances here, and that I wanted to keep coming back here and put on a major show. is one of my favorite locations in America, when this fight was put to me personally, I knew it was going to become a major fight, so I decided to take this fight with both of your hands and make sure that if I take this fight I will win this struggle.

Breaking down the fight, Terence is just a very skillful fighter, and I prosper against skillful fighters. This really will end up similar to a game of chess at times. He comes forward and can punch well and enjoys to fight also. So, it’s the very best of both worlds and also he doesn’t fight exactly the very exact same as me. I have fought welterweight, so I’m fundamentally greater guy physically. I will be in the division longer, so I’t obtained that advantage on my side. I’m the bigger guy so that is in my own side. Folks can think from my last operation against Samuel Vargas I’m going to be exactly the exact same, however this has been very bad. I thought that I could only move in there and win the fight. It’so difficult to inspire yourself against guys where you are supposed to win. All you need to do is generate afterward because you know you have improved skills. However, this fight, this is where I need to bring my lsquo;A’ game, make sure I cannot create any mistakes. I’ll move in as the underdog, prove myself and win that struggle.

Were you thinking that “this is a massive opportunity against a fantastic fighter in a massive PPV and at ” and then this will be there?

I don’t know if this fight is still going to be there. Hey, look, who knows, time will tell. I simply take it fight by fight. Let’so get this fight from the way and then we take it from that point. That fight might never happen, however it could happen, so that I only take it one fight at one time, as it pertains really.

Bob, whenever you’re looking to get Terence’s next opponent, was Khan near the very top of your list or have there been others?

: the very first thing is, ‘Exactly what ’s the best fight we can perform,’ and I have been a fan. I don’t state this today because I’m encouraging him in this struggle, but I recall back in your day years and years past when joined Manny Pacquiao within his camp and was a highly skillful partner. Amir knows we were he was in the Philippines when he participated in that camp so look, I know a little bit about along with our matchmakers are tremendously skilled, however now that I ’ve existed over 50 years in this sport and that I know very well what makes a good fight, and what’s a competitive fight, and I’m letting you know that versus Terence Crawford is just a hugely competitive fight. Styles make fights, and this may be the first pay per view event that we’re doing with and also we value tremendously our partnership with . And that I need moving in, and at the fight, heading out, everybody to say, “it had been a great, excellent fight. ” I believe that the fight will soon be a significant, enjoyable, competitive fight. This ’s we made it. This ’s the truth. There are several fighters, other welterweights, that are coming across this may one day step up to fight for a name, yet this fight, intuitively, I know, and also my own matchmakers agree, has been an incredibly competitive fight. You’ve got to know there are not many fighters that possess the communication skills of . Very, very few, so that I look at this as an extremely competitive fight.

Does fighting in nyc restore any special memories or give you motivation?

: My inlaws live in newyork and that I send a great deal of time on the market. My moment super lightweight title defense was MSG, small one, and this has been a fantastic operation against Paulie Malignaggi. And from the time. All of my fans have been saying, ‘why do ’Can you fight again? ’ A lot of my fights will be around in Vegas and LA — on the west coast. I think this is now where I keep coming back to the big fight.

Are you watched Crawford’s Benavidez and Horn fights?

How can you decide this fight warranted being ?

: It’s truly a combination. The matchup warrants a pay per view. And it’s such a significant fight. That is professional , and the fighters must get paid as it’s such a major fight, and so you cannot rely on a system to constantly come up with big, big money because of rights fee. Thus, when the fight is big enough, then you must then visit the people and state about people, ‘this is a terrific fight, you have to support the fight. ’ Sometimes the people says no. When we’ve got confidence from the event, they will say . We can stop playing with the games of whether the fight should be pay per view or shouldn’t be pay per view. The first question is, ‘Might it be a really good matchup, an interesting celebration,’ and secondly, ‘Can it be cheap on television? Can the rights fee support the fight? ’ in this particular situation, we’ve got a splendid event and also we now have fighters who must be, and should be, paid for his or her performances and therefore you head to pay per view. That is the mindset.

Does the press attention affect you as you prepare for this fight?

: my first fight as a professional, I was the main attraction on television and that I had all the press and the press conferences along with the conference calls along with everything. I have experienced a lot of press attention from day one as a professional and I have been moving 14 years strong. The huge media policy comes with it. I really like that sort of pressure on me personally and to deal with this pressure and to handle this pressure helps me once I move in the camp. When I get into a fight, I’m sure that it isn’t in my own mind. This ’s the last thing that I think about, all of the pressure. 1 thing I h to say is there’s a lot of discussion about Crawford using Spence, who just came off a fight. All of those people should be talking about Spence against mepersonally. I know when I need to show it on. I am able to turn it on. Maybe in previous fights, I won the fight, but maybe I didn’t look the best. However, I am aware I belong at the amount of both. I’m one of the fighters that when I’m fighting a guy that is supposed to be at the very top of the game that brings me to the very top of my game and also bring the most out of me personally. If Crawford is talking about maybe this fight occurring and touching me, it’s going to become a significant shock. I’m going to be more ready. We’ve both been hurt in fights. I am a fullyfledged welterweight. This division is hard, and I’ve had good knockouts. I’m a unbeaten welterweight fighter also it’s the weight I feel comfortable at and the weight at which I’m feeling stronger, also, and the speed and the perfect size.

I fought Canelo and that was maybe a lot of, but that fight I think I was winning. If it has to do with abilities and getting smart and realizing that I couldn’t create any mistakes, I have struck with a huge shot that probably would have knocked out any welterweight. However, that is where I would like to share with everybody I’m not only a number — I’m not just going to encounter this fight to just make it a night of .

Just how much did fighting the Garden factor in your choice to take this fight within ?

: nyc is where my partner is from. I’ve got a major fase there. I enjoy walking the streets of nyc and becoming adored by the fans. I adore the place and have been spending a lot of time there. Additionally, MSG may be your Mecca of and all of the wonderful fighters who’ve battled back there to the beginning — that I want to be amongst them. 1 day once I am walking the streets with my children and I’ I ll be walking past it and state, ‘Appearance, I fought there. ’ It means a lot to me personally. Ny is a place I will be attached with.

What has been the favorite place so far?

: There have been several looking back on my own career. There have been many, however, will be at the top. It is the Mecca of , and there’ve been some enormous fights there and to get a win there’ll be even more amazing and it would be one of the biggest fights of my career. I have fought MGM and Tmobile and I also battled Chris Algieri in Brooklyn. As a boxer, I have had the opportunity to fight in each of these locations, however MSG will end up there as the best, I have to say.

How can you unwind to ready to get a battle of the magnitude?

: I have been in this game for 14 decades and 10 years fighting the very top level, so that I simply learn as I move along. I’m no spring chicken at which I’m young and still learning. I have been through this many times and have heard when to rest, when to talk and should do things correctly. It comes with age, and it has experience to be in this position and heard within the previous 10 decades.

What is the policy for after this fight?

: I never look past fights. I made the mistake to do this when I was younger, and that I just take it fight by fight. There certainly are a great deal of big fights out there for me personally; it simply depends upon how long that I want to be in the game for. I would like to spend time with my family so let’so see. Subsequent to the fight and after the press conference is when we can talk about it.

We have observed that Crawford actually wants to fight southpaw although he is righthanded. How does one want to fight Crawford and how can you intend to counteract?

: we’ve been bringing in various guys in sparring. Some of the inventors are southpaw plus some are orthodox. Iam not leaving anything behind. I’m dealing with four guys. If he would like to fight me as a southpaw, then so be it. We are ready for anything he brings to the table. We are not leaving anything behind on this. I am not going to get in the fight and state, ‘wow, so I still didn’t expect this. ’ I have been learning a little bit from every one of my training mates.

Twitter planet is wondering if writes his own tweets and Perhaps You can set the record straight right here…

: Folks think that I don’t know how exactly to work Twitter? All of us know how exactly to work Twitter. The President of these United States of America uses Twitter. Yes, I work Twitter, and I think that it’SA fantastic service. It is possible to say a lot of matters on Twitter, and fans read them and respond. Sometimes they enjoy them and sometimes they don’t enjoy them and they state the most dreadful things in a reaction to them. I think it’s a whole lot of fun also it’s the modern means to teach lovers and to attain fans, so here, I’m a large Twitterer myself and that I really do three or four tweets a week, so yeah, I plead guilty to writing my own, personal tweets.

So This Might be the only time you have agreed with the President of the USA …

: Yes, that is truly authentic, however I utilize it better than he can.

Terence Crawford passes …

: Before Terence chooses the questions, I only want to state what a privilege it will be to own him on and have him on this promotion. I believe Terence Crawford will be your best welterweight in the environment. Certainly a rival for pound-for-pound that the best fighter on the planet, and that I believe he is in a true fight with , who I have explained to everybody that I have been a fan of. He is a terrific fighter and that’s what Terence wants — challenges — as he moves on with his great career.

TERENCE CRAWFORD: I love all of the service that I have been getting. I’m awaiting April 20 at MSG.

How does one think of getting your first pay per view fight against a huge fighter?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: This really isn’t my first pay per view fight. I fought Postol on cover – per-view and the need for the Postol fight cannot be refused.

Which are the ideas on ?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: This really is a huge fight. never-lost in the welterweight division. He knows what he is performing in the ring. He boxes really excellent. He is really blessed. He is a seasoned. He’s going to be a tough fight.

They have a common opponent — Breidis Prescott. What should you remove the fights each had ?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: I don’t take that into account whatsoever because that has been an alternative fight and this has been a few years ago and Amir has slipped back with some great wins. When Terence fought him, he wasn’t the very best junior welterweight at the time. When Amir fought him, he was okay. These were just two entirely distinct fighters and Prescott did a completely different fight against than he did against Terence.

It seems as though this has been the struggle that kind of launched Terence into combating more because of southpaw…

BRIAN MCINTYRE: This ’S-100 percentage on Terence because he will switch when he believes that the necessity to change. We don’t tell him in the corner to change — that is composed to the fighter. Iam not going to take charge because of him becoming one of their best southpaws ever. I give all the credit to him because he does it when he needs to.

Did you ever think that these two could meet in the ring?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: Yes, Terence is looking to fight the best fighters out there and now I believe Khan is ranked in the top as a welterweight, thus we’re going to fight him.

Where does one see Khan in his career right now?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: Right now, looking at his past two fights, he is like a recognized fighter which hes to get the job done. He is coming off two wins to get himself; he’so to arrive towards the top and attempting to mad Terence. At no time is Terence going to shoot Khan lightly.

Looking at most of Terence’s competitions, you could say that Khan will be your most accomplished. Where would you see him contrasted with of Terence’ opponents?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: I would rate Khan in the upper five of the opponents that Terence has faced. He has accomplished a lot of things within his career. So, I would put him up there in the top .

That are others in the top ?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: He also beat two Olympic golden medalist, he beat some of the undefeated champions. Hey, he’s up there.

Do you view it as Khan is really actually a good fighter and it’s a difficult fight, however it’s merely a question of time before Crawford sets a good hit on such chin?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: Well, we would want to state that going into the fight, however, is still dangerous with all the attributes he brings into the ring. We don’t know very well what he’so doing over there using Virgil Hunter. We don’t know very well what he’s with his strength and conditioning coach. Thus, we would desire to say this, however we can believe moving into the ring. The only thing in our heads will be getting a win.

Bob tweeted fighting Spence and conversing with Haymon about this.

BRIAN MCINTYRE: today, our total attention is on . Bob does his thing, trying to get the fight happen.

What sparring partners do you have coming for this camp?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: Well, that’s a little bit a lot of information to be giving out. You’ll find out after the battle.

What does a win to get Terence do to that which comes up ?

BRIAN MCINTYRE: Well, everyone else has been saying Terence is actually a small welterweight and now he ’so not big enough for this weight class. is a good welterweight so after Terence does his thing does his thing on April 20 it’s going to solidify him being an all natural welterweight.

Your livelihood have sort of paralleled each other, however, Amir was a weight class ahead of you. Did you ever see that fight coming?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: Not actually. I didn’t find a fight between myself and happening because, you’re right, he was the bigger guy struggling in weight classes. Right now, I’m excited to talk about the ring .

Khan seems to become a significant underdog in this fight. What do you find him that’ll trouble one? He has a lot to win and you also have a lot to lose in this battle …

TERENCE CRAWFORD: He is a significant welterweight. He has a major name in the sport of . At this time , I give him a go at the name. He has been doing some fantastic things in the welterweight division. We glance at most of those types of things.

How has the development of you fighting a southpaw happened as the Prescott fight?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: They are many different fights. It simply depends upon the present time. I am able to fight great in the stances. I have been fighting more southpaw and that I feel a lot of people forget that I am orthodox. However, this really goes to show how well I’m doing in my own next position.

How does one compare to a southpaw today to then since you’ve improved a lot?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: I have gotten a lot more experience as being a southpaw in big fights and have been fighting tremendously from the southpaw stance.

You’re fast, he is fast — you think that it will return to who punches harder and who is able to choose the best shot?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: I wouldn’t say that. might be fast, and he might have good movement, however I am a great boxer myself and I’m not the slowest fighter with no way. I believe in my abilities and that I don’t believe that it is my punching power that is going to cause me to victory. I think that it is my whole overall abilities and mindset that’ll cause me to victory on April 20.

As you are doing this, showing your skills, do you believe it’s just a question of time until you land your big shot and he crumbles?

I move in the fight looking to get the win. In case the knock out comes it comes but that’s not what I will be emphasizing or appearing at. It is so anything can happen. We prepare yourself to go 1-2 hard rounds and that’s the way we’re going to take it.

Bob tweeted that when you acquire this battle that he hes to really produce the Spence fight happen. What should you think about this? Is it makeable?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: Of course it’s makeable. However, as you said, I have this fight against . After the fight, we are able to chat about Errol Spence along with Al Haymon along with Top Rank conducting business together. But , I’m not even thinking or worried about Errol Spence.

Are you currently really competitive on the business side that could make you want to win against the Spence-Garcia PPV numbers of 350K?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: In the exact same time frame, I don’t have any control over that. I don’t know where a lot of people are getting their numbers from as I believe that is private details. They are able to say whatever they need, however when they did that much, more power to them. This really is good for them. But like I said, I’m not focused on this. My attention is really to go in the ring on April 20 and solidify a good performance and secure the victory. The amounts should be helpful. is a excellent fighter, fighting with a fantastic fighter in myself. I think that the fans will like a excellent night of .

You hear that the noise that you are much favorite. Do you worry about this as you prepare?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: I’m never going to be more complacent. I know about the risks that he brings into the ring and the troubles that I can possess if I overlook . We are going into the fight 1 10 per cent focused and ready to find the best come fight night.

Do you consider the toughest competition you have had so far?

TERENCE CRAWFORD: I don’t know. I can’t state because I haven’t fought him before. Iam looking for the best come fight night and we’ll handle every thing so accordingly.

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