During off the face, Cost appeared as if he hed to rip Kash’s head off. Cost was soaring over Kash, glaring at him talking about how they could ’t wait to get him in the ring Saturday to smash him.

Ali, 27, captured the former British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion Cost upset when he called him a “quitter”, also said he had been going to knock him out. Price, 35, got mad at the time and started jawing at himletting him understand exactly what ’s store for him Saturday night when he gets him in the ring. Price is familiarized with Ali, as he used to be his former partner.

This is an important fight for Cost, who has been knocked out in two out of his last three matches. Price cannot afford to fall into the level of a fighter if he wants to stay in the running to get a big fight. Matchroom promoter put Cost in demanding recently in fitting him against Alexander Povetkin along with Sergey Kuzmin in successive battles. Price was ceased by both guys. Price’s no loss to Kuzmin was due to a bicep accident, but he had been doing well before the fight had to be stopped.

Price: “I’will let you know exactly what’s likely to happen to you on Saturday night. Here is the start stage. You’re going to resemble a rabbit in the headlights, also now I ’will run you over and ship you straight back. You think that I ’m going to quit contrary to you? You’re planning to go straight back again to become the happiest spouse. ”

Ali: “I sparred with you couple of decades ago. I’ve had 15 struggles. You know I’m coming for you. ”

Price: “Song, you’re going to be met with a jab. You’re going to receive your mind shattered in. ”

Ali: “You’re planning to sleep. I’ve ever been sparring you for the past couple of decades. ”


Price still has capacity to get some big money fights if he put together a lengthy winning series. He needs is a handful of wins to get ranked in the top 15, and then a good scalp to get a title shot against //WBO heavy weight champion . The cash from a fight against Joshua would good retirement money for Cost. You can’t rule out an upset win for Cost, because his ability is still first class, but he would obviously need to acquire something enormous right away against a fighter such as Joshua.

“You ever only one win away from being in a huge heavy weight fight, also Kash Ali can be still a decent British heavy weight,” Hearn said to Fight Hub television. “If he [Price] can be at himand beat him style, then he’s going to have yourself a huge fight. I’d love to watch Pricey fared well. I liked what I saw from up him there now. I believe for any fighter who hurts, but what Price said was 100 per cent authentic was, ‘should all ’s happened to me happened to you, you wouldn’t be sitting ,’ because most folks would have given up by now. 1 thing he’s not is a quitter,” Hearn said concerning Cost. “” I feel that the one thing he had been taking about was that the [Sergey] Kuzmin fight, he wasn’t ready for. He wasn’t fit. He had an accident, but we’ll determine if Pricey can do the business Saturday. He had the bit between his teeth. He had been agitated, shaking just a bit. But this ’s only because a lot of the time when you find a fighter shake, it’s not because they’re fearful. They’r e in an environment that they’re not utilised to. They’re talking and debating a fighter. It’s not for them. They only want a tear up. Price isn’t fearful of Kash Ali. He’therefore are not worried about it struggle. I think he’s excited. He’will leave the media conference believing, ‘s I could ’t wait until Saturday night,’” Hearn explained.


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