Behind every wonderful engineering challenge lies human ability. The collaboration between INFINITI along with F1 Team has now caused a set of success stories because of a one of a kind automotive-to-motorsport training programme to the planet ’s brightest young engineers. 

Now entering its sixth season that the INFINITI Engineering Academy can be a worldwide hunt for fresh-thinkers to become recruited over the automotive and Formula 1 businesses.

Over the past five years, the Academy has discovered many young, diverse engineering students from across the world who have won a onceinalifetime chance to play an active role in INFINITI’s technological venture with F1 Team. Annually seven regional winners are chosen through a multistage recruitment process by thousands of applicants.

Each Academy winner comes with an individual mentor over seeing their professional career development as they advance through their 12-month positioning, divide between INFINITI’s Technical Centre established in Cranfield and the F1 Team’s headquarters in Enstone.

The turn-key positioning at each provider makes it possible for every engineer to develop a very important thickness of specific dom and cultivates a two-way transfer of systems, technology, and procedures round INFINITI along with F1 Team.

In the past five years, 50% of the Academy winners have secured fulltime job contracts with INFINITI or in Formula 1 — with more linking lawsuit after their studies, proving the INFINITI Engineering Academy could be the greatest life-changing student engineering programme.

Listed below are just four examples of the numerous Academy winners who now have fulltime job contracts at either F1 Team or even INFINITI… 

Damien Turlay, 2017 Europe winner

Damien Turlay, 20 17 winner

Photo by: INFINITI Engineering Academy

Matthew Crossan, 2017 Canada winner

Matthew Crossan, 20 17 winner

Photo by: INFINITI Engineering Academy

Alexandros Palaiologos, 2016 Mexico winner

Alexandros Palaiologos, 2016 Mexico winner

Photo by: INFINITI Engineering Academy

Xuezi (Sally) Li, 2016 China winner

Xuezi (Sally) Li, 2016 China winner

Photo by: INFINITI Engineering Academy

Matthew Crossan

20 17 winner

As the winner of this 20 17 variant of this INFINITI Engineering Academy, Matthew Crossan has secured Fulltime job together with F1 Team as a Simulation Improvement Engineer from the Automobile Performance Group. His new position brings him one-step closer to his ambition of turning into a race scientist.

“Ahead of the team adheres to some track on the planet, we simulate exactly what setup the cars will use in the Formula 1 race. My role within the team would now be to improve and develop the simulation tools to ensure optimum performance output from the vehicle. That simulation produces future ideas that we could later evolve.

“This is precisely what I’ve always wanted to accomplish and that I ’m just here today due to the success I was able to reach at the INFINITI Engineering Academy,” says Crossan.

20 17 winner

Frenchman Damien Turlay, 25, triumphed from the 20 17 an final of this INFINITI Engineering Academy. Turlay impressed the judges with his exemplary technical understanding.

After his studies, Turlay secured a fulltime position and it is now working at the Sport Racing powertrain research and development centers in Viry-Châtillon. Viry could be the website that develops that the 1.6-litre hybrid turbocharged Power Unit that powers the F1 Team race cars.

Turlay has been involved with a group of INFINITI performance hybrids in a job to co-develop and Boost the secondgeneration Energy Recovery System (ERS) over the Electricity Unit. The brand new technologies between Formula 1 and the automotive industry have also seen Turlay working on the growth of the brand new INFINITI Pro Ject Black S road car model.

2016 China winner

Throughout her positioning by F1 Team, 25-year-old Chinese student Xuezi (Sally) Li was working within the aero department. In Enstone she helped the team having a new rear wing theory that was applied to the R.S.17 in the finish of their 20 17 F1 season.

Li decided to concentrate in aerodynamics and later examined a PhD at Imperial College, London. She now has a position within an aerodynamics engineer in INFINITI.

Alexandros Palaiologos

2016 Mexico winner

Back 2016, Alexandros Palaiologos was the very first winner of this INFINITI Engineering Academy in Mexico. After finishing his year in INFINITI Technical Centre with F1 Team, Palaiologos was welcomed back to the Cranfield center in July This past Year.

After completing his studies, last summer marked the beginning of the 26-year-old’s fulltime livelihood in premium-sector automotive engineering.

“This is a dream come true for me personally,” said Palaiologos. “To function as the very first Mexican winner against such demanding competition was an amazing achievement and perhaps one of the most rewarding days of my life. I’ve always desired to get the job done in motor sport and the automotive industry along with winning the INFINITI Engineering Academy changed my entire life. ”

Manager Global Motorsport and Performance Projects, INFINITI Motor Company Ltd..

Tommaso Volpe

Tommaso Volpe

Photo by: INFINITI Engineering Academy

“It’s totally key. In INFINITI, we feel that human ability is your driving force behind technology and we constantly strive to keep our talent pool revitalized. The INFINITI Engineering Academy, like a international gift investigation that successfully mixes multi-culturalism with academic and engineering excellence, which helps us achieve this. It’s no accident that several of the Academy alumni work on INFINITI and  F1 Team after their own cousins. ”

How relevant is Formula 1 technology to automotive engineering and vice versa?  

INFINITI has been at the forefront of hybrid powertrain technology for a number of years today we can see a whole great deal of relevance with this particular technology in motor sport with the brand new strain of down-sized, hybrid powertrains utilized in Formula 1 ). This shows the relevance of technology between both businesses and the way that knowledge is transferred between the two. ”

What learnings you think the winners will benefit working in the automotive sector they can consider Formula 1?

“Working for INFINITI in automotive engineering will stimulate and energize the winners for their own positioning in Formula 1 and vice versa. Using hybrid technology at the forefront of Formula 1 and INFINITI at the cutting edge of performance hybrid for road cars, the engineering challenges within each industry continue to market. ”

How to apply for the 2019 INFINITI Engineering Academy

That is the chance to procure a once in a life work placement across automotive and routine 1 engineering. All candidates need to be fluent in English, become described as considered a present engineering student and be considered a resident or citizen in a few of the eligible nations. For more information on this INFINITI Engineering Academy, or to apply to be part of the class of 20-19, see

INFINITI Engineering Academy

INFINITI Engineering Academy


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