Codemasters’s f 1 2019 will release on Xbox One, play station 4 and harmonious PCs on June 28, meaning it’s going to release throughout the Grand Prix weekend and arrive at stores three grands prix earlier in the day than usual.

The match will naturally feature the 2019-spec F1 cars”specifically designed in cooperation with F1’s technical team, led by and Pat Symonds” at”venture together with f 1″.

In multi player, the vehicle tends to come with a”array of livery designs” that provides players”a new degree of personalisation” at a remarkable improvement to the series at a time when f 1 E Sports becomes increasingly prominent.

The F1 team liveries have usually necessitated post-launch updates for total accuracy but Codemasters says it’s going to deliver the last models of liveries during time of launch.

“We’re absolutely delighted to be in a position to release f 1 2019 earlier from the following 1 season so that the match is played and enjoyed at the exact identical time that the real-world championship picture is beginning to shape,” said Paul Jeal, f 1 franchise director in Codemasters.

“In addition to the nearby two-year development cycle has enabled us to build up some intriguing new functions and other firsts for its franchise we can’t wait to share our community at the coming months.”

“The exciting alliance with and Pat Symonds has established distinct levels of player personalisation at f 1 2019 throughout the inclusion of the new law car,” said Lee Mather, f 1 2019 game director at Codemasters.

“With the continuing increase of the F1 series, it’s great to give players more control along with new levels of car and driver customisation and also we can’t wait to talk more about this alongside the new multiplayer features in the coming months.”

Codemasters is yet to reveal what features will be added into the match for 2019 but has released a teaser trailer ahead of further updates in the coming months.


F1 2018 featured an overhauled career style focussing on a season developing alongside the upgrade war and an expanded collection of classic cars.


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