FC Barcelona Lassa celebrated the newest title in ASOBAL, and so the first question of Spanish handball becoming who will be the No.2 that will play VELUX EHF Champions League.

La Rioja had a chance to be at Barcelona 28:28, but team from Logrono overlooked the previous shot to get a success.

28- Logroño Manhunter RiojaSergey Hernández; Sánchez Migallón, Ilic (7), Kusan, Kukic (3), Del Arco, Garciandia (4), Balenciaga (4), Muñounce (7,3p), Fekete, Moreira (Inch ).
28 — Barcelona LassaMöller (Pérez de Vargas); R. Enterríos (two ), Aleix Gómez (1p), Thiagus Petrus (1 ) ), Menn (5), Nemanja Ilic (3), Fabregas (4); Sorhaindo (Inch ), Andersson, Ariño (1 ) ), N’Guessan (4), Dolenec (Inch ), Palmarsson (3), Diocou (Inch ), Syprzak (Inch )

Four teams are in the race for No.two -Bidasoa, Ademar Leon, La Rioja and Granollers.


Inch.242 3Inch0919:58047
2.CD Bidasoa I Run 2 31526590:54432241527651:59132
4.241 365709:64932241527648:59232241-257654:64829Huesca2 31148596:58826BM Sinfin2 39410590:64322Benidorm2 39311589:6272-1Anaitasuna2 3921-2607:61620
1 1.Atl. Valladolid2 3921-2645:67720
1-2.Quabit Guadalajara2 3821 3640:65218
1-3.Puente Genil2 36314580:63515Morrazo Cangas2 35315541:6251 3
15.Teucro2 34Inch18604:7259


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