Fernando Alonso is to test McLaren in Bahrain next week in his position as adviser to the team.

The two time winner, that left Formula 1 at the close of last season, will induce two weeks at the official F1 evaluation after this weekend’s grandprix.

McLaren desire Alonso’s views on how much their car has shifted as last year, certainly one of the worst in their history.

He will drive all of Tuesday and then the afternoon of Wednesday, shooting over from race driver Carlos Sainz.

The team’s other race motorist, Lando Norris, will share Tuesday with Sainz and also get an entire day while in the car on Wednesday.

Alonso will maintain a car dedicated to expedited testing for Pirelli. F1’s tyre supplier runs the programme and determines what tyres to make use of, but it will deliver the 37-year-old plenty of time to assess the car.

McLaren’s 2018 car had fundamental design flaws which affected the team’s potential to build up it.

They believe they’ve solved the issues for 20-19 but Alonso will give them a clearer view of progress than Sainz and Norris, that have very limited connection with past year’s 2018 car.

Alonso, who in February was affirmed as a McLaren ambassador and adviser, will shell out the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend with all the team.

Alonso is to race to get a newly launched McLaren team at the Indianapolis 500 in May, in an attempt to complete motor sport’s unofficial’triple crown’ of both Indy, lemans and also Monaco Grand Prix.


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