In a Mercedes video a week,” strategist James Vowles indicated that the damage was sustained “through the race when riding over some of the kerbs. ”

But, Hamilton doesn’t even believe that that was true circumstance.

&ldquoWe saw the drop in performance from lap four,” he said. “There has been an assumption made that it had been by kerbs, but that I didn&; rsquo;t ride some longer kerbs than I’d done previously.

“Therefore it likely has been debris, a few debris from various other cars losing parts of their own cars.

“It might have been that, but it’s a guessing game. I didn’t even create any mistakes or run wide anywhere to create the episode. Nevertheless, it had been a large loss in performance. ”

Hamilton also denied the proposal that he deliberately held Sebastian Vettel at the Melbourne race to make the German at risk of attack from Max Verstappen.

“I don’t ever plan to keep up anybody. I only relied on doing my job, and wasn’t even believing at all about his race.

“I clearly desired to keep him behind, but I knew I had a long, long way to go. He also stopped a lap before me so I knew that we’d possibly be in a similar ship towards the end.

“I had been thinking somewhat more long haul so I could defend to up and coming cars towards the end of the race, which I’m unsure he really thought of, as his tyres went off quite radically at the end. ”

Hamilton said his own team hadn’t fully valued the approaches that he had been using when he had been pacing himself.

“The engineers just dread a little bit, they’re worried whether you know very well what’s happening because they don’t always understand exactly what’s happening. As an example in the past race, my engineers had no idea I was saving the tyres.

“They thought that I had been away from the pace, which I’m convinced a good deal of the public thought. However, I had been saving tyres, saving fuel, making sure that I’d enough to push to the end, which had been that I had to complete in order to complete where I had been.

“I couldn’t do any longer to get further ahead and I didn’t need to perform some . ”


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