Following a trend of his first couple of years in fighting, feather weight Jake Heffernan was able to again go back with two wins in 2018 to improve his record to 7-0.

While his victory at 2018 reflected those years before, Heffernan feels like it had been his most important to date when it came into knowing he can be as a fighter within the cage.

“Going in to the season it had been clearly just one of these situations where you’re undefeated and receive the opportunity to take a few risks on your match ups,” Heffernan told “It gave me my first adventure on travelling togo fight too.

“The 2 struggles I was ready to squeeze into last year kind of made me have a better understanding and respect to my style as well as my ability within a MMA fighter. ”

Heffernan’so dropped Derek Brenon in March, and Peter Stanonik in March, both helped him to realize unique things about his game.

“My fight in Denver, Colorado (versus Brenon), it cemented my career in my mind of how hard of a fighter I might be and how hard of a fighter that I’ve become,” said Heffernan.

“This (Stanonik) fight was extremely important for my career. Fighting him was a really stepping stone for my own livelihood and making me know again perhaps maybe not how good my jiujitsu was, but how good my spectacular is and how exactly I ’m good enough to virtually adequate to stand with anybody as long as I’ve time to teach for them. ”

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“I feel as though my experience will absolutely show up in the fight,” Heffernan stated. “I presume he’s pretty stuck on brawling and grappling from what I’t noticed of his struggles. This comes straight home once again to adventure. He hasn’t fought enough times to find out where he hes to go with his primary personality.

“People huge giant hooks lead into the takedown; if that’s his game plan he’s going to have a very rude awakening on the outside. I believe I’ll be able to pick him apart on the outside, make him dig in on some take-downs and also make him make real tired, also see myself being able to complete him in the 2nd round. ”

Having placed himself in a good standing using a co-main event fight while inside the LFA to kick his 20-19, Heffernan feels like that might well be the opportunity that gets him into the next grade of his livelihood.

“My overall goal is victory,” said Heffernan.

would be in my fight, therefore it will be the opportunity time to reveal outside and arrive and reveal him who I’m and also make him remember my name. I presume 20-19 will be a significant year in which makes it into the next level for sure. ”


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