Together with 11 goals against HBC Nantes, 23-year-old Jannik Kohlbacher was the greatest scorer of the first-leg games of this VELUX EHF Last 16.

Right now, the and also line player is ranked sixth in the top scorer list, with 78 goals. 

Now, he expects that the Match of the Week on Saturday in Nantes will visit his club make it to the quarter final. Löwen won the very first duel 34:32. 11 aims against Nantes have to have really been a dream come true for you personally …

Jannik Kohlbacher: Indeedit really worked well for me . By the team’s perspective, I’d expected for a better success compared to just two goals. In the previous four decades, Löwen had been constantly pumped out within the previous 16. How do you rate the probabilities to end this curse?

Jannik Kohlbacher: The odds are still living. We want yet another fully concentrated focus on Saturday, and we can manage to proceed. Exactly what are the key to accomplishment?

Jannik Kohlbacher: We need to be wide awake out of the initial minute, because a two-goal advantage is anything but a pillow you can rest up on. We h to win in Nantes, this is really for sure. What needs to be improved than the first leg?

Jannik Kohlbacher: We conceded too many objectives, so we mainly need to fortify our defence to have a chance in Nantes. You came in past summer — how is it possible that the cooperation with play-maker Andy Schmid is on this kind of worldclass level, as demonstrated in the first leg against Nantes?

Jannik Kohlbacher: Andy is an outstanding playmaker, who coordinates perfectly with all the line players. It’s really impressive that our alliance works well after this kind of short term. What’s been the most important lesson as you began playing Löwen?

Jannik Kohlbacher: How to reconcile all those appointments and matches. Why was having the Opportunity to play the VELUX EHF a few of the reasons for your move out of Wetzlar to Mannheim?

Jannik Kohlbacher: I only wanted to help create the next step of my livelihood and that includes playing in an international degree always. Can it be hard for you to switch in the World Championship on home ground to the everyday business in the center?

Jannik Kohlbacher: It turned out to be a short time to recover, yet this World Championship on home ground was this unbelievable adventure, which fostered me with so much extra motivation to give every thing for my club from the remaining weeks. 


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