The defense team asserts that Jupiter, Florida, police had no basis to install video cameras at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa as a portion of their investigation, and that evidence should be thrown outside.

That evidence can be an integral element in the stand off between defendants and prosecutors over a deal that could see the misdemeanor solicitation charges dropped.

Prosecutors offered Kraft as well as others a deal that would expunge their records and seal evidence forever, which would be an ideal result for the defendants. However among the state’s conditions is that Kraft and the other defendants admit they would have already been found guilty had the case proceeded. Kraft has not expressly denied receiving sexual services at the health club as clarified by police force , but sources in Kraft’s inner circle have said he will not admit that whatever he did was a crime.

The state’s best leverage against Kraft could be the possibility that evidence might possibly be released publicly, which attorneys state is probably under Florida’s broad open records law. ( is a portion of a networking consortium opposing the defendants’ efforts to obstruct release of the video or some other evidence)

The motion to suppress comes two weeks after Kraft yet many others pleaded not guilty and demanded jury trials, and was a natural next step in the circumstance.

If Kraft’s motion is successful, the nation has little leverage to induce him into conditions he doesn’t want, plus it might weaken the state’s case. If a judge interrupts the movement, then Kraft has more incentive to agree to the deal and bring the episode to an end.

A disposition hearing in Kraft’s event is scheduled for April 9.


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