Together with still playing catchup following the overdue arrival of its FW42, the team does not yet have an excess of spare components which can be slotted in if the car is damaged.

In , that limitation left incapable to restore a floor which Kubica damaged running within a kerb in first free practice — also he sees no large shift in the team’s argument for Bahrain.

“I think realistically speaking we are confronting perhaps not an easy weekend again,” said the Polish driver.

“Recognizing the issues we had in , it’s correct the Bahrain is not the same configuration and a unique specification, but still it is not that in 1 week to another there will be wonders.

“It’s [also] not an easy situation too from a drivers’ point of view because we will be limited with spare components and everything.

“Looking at what happened to me personally on the Friday in in FP1, which by visiting top of 1 kerb I get a damaged floor and also we didn’t even have pieces to restore itaffected probably all weekend.”

Although has been conscious of the floor issue in , Kubica has shown that only post weekend investigation revealed that the damage hurt his operation more than the team originally thought.

“Though I had been told it had no effect, even after reviewing data following the weekend, we all think it had bigger effect than we thought,” he said.

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While Kubica has implied that has repaired rather than replaced his damaged floor to the weekend, he claims that the lack of fresh parts being available is really a deterrent.

“The team is hoping to get us the best car we are able to have to drive,” he clarified. “However, on the flip side, I do believe in an ideal world you would have fresher parts starting the weekend, also acquiring some spare components, and in a fantastic state.”

He added:”It’s putting the driver in a challenging position. Tomorrow the situation resembles it’s, you can’t look at the kerbs or you also go on the kerbs however, the risk is the fact that the car will falter, then you don’t have any parts to suit them.

“We are already lacking performance, and we’re adding another factor which is complicating our own life. However, I understand in the factory everybody is working hard. We simply need a bit more hours and energy to resolve the matter.”


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