Three-time MotoGP winner was nursing two big harms at the finish of his Ducati tenure this past year, along with his groundwork for his Honda debut in 2019 was jeopardized by a left-wing sustained in practice.

He jumped twice during the Qatar race weekend three weeks ago, with the very first fall adding a cracked right first rib to his set of recent accidents.

“for certain, I will try not to crash again,” Lorenzo said prior to the 2nd race of the season in Argentina.

“Since I calculate an additional race, two races to be wholly fit. So it’s crucial, it is extremely important not to crash .

“I will need to choose one extra margin of safety probably, but obviously I would like to receive the best result possible, therefore it’s not easy to find the compromise. ”

Lorenzo, that finished the Qatar GP at 13 Th, said he had felt pain at the aisle “when I brake, when I change leadership ” during that race, adding: “For sure that the pain-killers enable a lot, but maybe not all [pain has been gone]. ”

He explained he feels ldquo;some little pain” from the injury, but reckons it’s improving everyday.

Seeing his additional ongoing health dilemma, Lorenzo said: ldquo;Concerning the wrist, I am far better than at Qatar. It’s quite long, the restoration, I cannot perform push ups as the pressure I really do within the wrist, [it’s] still painful.

“But I figure on the bike I will feel better than at Qatar, [it] doesn’t disturb me so much on the bike. ”

Lorenzo’s teammate Marc Marquez remains nursing an injury of his or her own, with undergone surgery on his shoulder in the lead-up into the 2019 campaign.

After the Qatar opener where his shoulder problems demonstrated a non-factor and also he finished a close second into Andrea Dovizioso — Marquez rode a motocross bike as he looked to restore his standard training regime.


Although he confessed that the motocross attempt could came “overly early”, Marquez stressed he is not hoping the shoulder problem to carry him back Argentina.

“I already say in Qatar that the shoulder was not really a problem for my performance on the bike, and this was a major assistance, as you forget something I have been fighting throughout all of the winter, and also this is really important,” he explained.

“I always try to get straight back into my usual existence, my usual training, but for motorcross, fine, it’s too premature, I believe some pain as it’s more competitive. However I managed to ride at a fantastic way – therefore I already forget that the shoulder.

“I believe a while on the plane [flight into Argentina], on the motocross, however also for MotoGP is no issue. ”

Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda Team

Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda Team

Photo by: Gold and Goose / LAT Images


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