Stroll enjoyed a powerful debut for his new team at , dealing with being pumped out in Q1 to evaluate two points for ninth spot, while Perez made Q 3 but slipped to 13th at the race.

Stroll revealed quicker pace than Perez after the pitstops and also the Mexican, who has shown itself to be especially masterful at managing f 1’s delicate Pirelli tyres over race distances for several seasons now, says he’s been amazed by Stroll’s instantaneous strength in this area in contrast to previous team-mates along with .

“In a way Esteban and Nico proved a significant similar approach and so they always seemed to fight a lot with race pace,” Perez said.

“However, together with Lance, his race pace is, from all the teammates, the nearest to mine.

“He is already, on Sundays, pretty great. I was surprised as going for a very long run I looked to find it a bit easier with my prior teammates, however it’s not the case now.

“He [Stroll] has a good understanding for Sundays. It’s fine, it’s things you will need to evaluate points, notably with this particular tight midfield.”

Perez reckons the impression Stroll was made him on far how hard it is to gauge the performance of a driver at a difficult car, following Stroll’s mixed first two seasons in F1 with .

“The surprise was when we met Lance to see that the speed — it simply proves that it’s so tough to judge somebody,” Perez added.

“It’s so much associated with a motor vehicle performance in F1.

“He’s got the speed, the talent. I believe he is definitely going to be constantly scoring points, which is very good for the team.

“To finish in the constructors you need both cars to evaluate points every single weekend.

“He got the most out of the vehicle, as well as the team and plan [in ]. It’s what we want from now on .”

Sergio Perez, Racing Point



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