PHOENIX — The Washington Redskins need to seek out their quarterback into the long term. Coach Jay Gruden most likely has to win today. Those two sentences could cause coicting desires when it comes to the draft next month.

Together with Alex Smith’s future still uncertain with no wholesome quarterback signed beyond this particular season, the Redskins need to discover a young quarterback. With the 15th pick in the draft, they’re likely in position to land a few among the top four in the draft. The problem: If they believe the quarterback must sit a year to grow, that pick won’t help them today.

After three consecutive non-playoff seasons, then the Redskins’ training team likely can not find the money for a fourth.

“I neverprepare myself just like I will have fired after a year,” Gruden said. “I’ll prepare myself such as I’m going to be here for the longterm and everything tends to make this team better now and in the future. There’s a fine line with this pick. You would like that first decide to be some guy that could come in and have an impact on your own team .”

The Redskins do have Colt McCoy and Case Keenum. If they wanted to groom a rookie quarterbackthey could achieve this without having to play immediately. But with many different needs — pass-rusher, recipient, interior offensive lineup, safety — that the Redskins understand if they choose one in the first round, they need quick production.

“It’d be hard,” Gruden said of using a first-round quarterback sit.

The Redskins could also research a transaction for Josh Rosen when he becomes available. Gruden watched his college film last year and enjoyed him coming out of the draft, as did others in the organization. But more work will remain to allow them to understand his rookie season in Arizona.

For now, the best option is still the draft, and that means a band that includes two players who only started for one year (Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins) and others who revealed flashes however weren’t overwhelming (Drew Lock and Daniel Jones). Gruden also mentioned Will Grier. The Redskins like areas of most these quarterbacks — also have questions on each as well.

“you’ll like some guy to play more than a year to see just exactly how he has grown,” Gruden said. “Haskins includes a special set of skills. He’s big, strong and will really throw it. Is he going to be prepared for the year? Ideally a couple of these guys you’d love to get them sit a year maybe to receive them in your system, learn how to get to know your play and guys — especially those guys who just played annually. But Kyler has this kind of special skill set with his 4.3 [rate ], his capacity to get away from the pocket. If he is a scheme fit-for whomever takes himhe can play 1 if they utilize the skills he has.”

Gruden helped develop Andy Dalton, also a second-round choice in 2011, in Cincinnati. But Dalton was the luxury of penetrating as the beginning.

“So we gave him every rep from the day he got in the building… In case you own a No. 1 guy plus also you draft some guy and he is in competition with one or even 2 different guys, then it becomes tougher for him to produce and also determine where he is at. I never prefer to own two-man contests and I truly do not h a three-man competition. That is extremely hard, just because the repetitions are really so few and far between for these guys. But whether or not it’s something we have to accomplish, then we have to do it”

The Redskins hope they are in strong position to develop a quarterback if necessary, considering the experience they have at that position. They’ve five key members of this organization who played with the position and four who did thus in the . Gruden played at the University of Louisville and in the Arena Football League.

Plus, they’d hope that Smith finally could be around to help tutor. Redskins team president Bruce Allen enjoyed how Kansas City managed Patrick Mahomes’ beginner season. He sat and learned from Smith.

“He got to see a veteran do he and it got very good training and exercise period and that helped him function how he did last season,” stated Allen, the principal decision maker.

Of course, the difference here: that the Chiefs were 12-4 the growing season prior to printing Mahomes. The Redskins are coming from a second consecutive 7 9 season and do not have a healthier Smith.

“You can not accomplish for the quarterback into the future. He has to be the ideal fit and it has to fit exactly what you feel that quarterback is,” Gruden said. “If I really don’t feel as though, or if we do not feel like as an organization, this guy fits that criteria, then we can not reach and accept him just because he is a quarterback.”

It may be that future quarterback gets hailed following the first round.

“You have got to hit on those first-rounders to be a thriving franchise. You can not just reach and aspire to goodness that is your guy into their future. You need to be directly on those guys”


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