The FIA is focusing on a solution after complaints following a n Grand Prix that the higher 2019 back wings blocked a number drivers’ view of their beginning lights.

Russell, who started at the rear of the grid in Melbourne, said it caused him to have a”terrible” start.

“I pulled onto the grid, looked up and realised that I couldn’t see anything and that I sort of shat my pants,” he confessed.

“I was looking around and I wound up seeing the lights throughout the manifestation of this Paddock Club [f 1 hospitality] windows.

“I was sat looking, along with my mind in a 45-degree angle along with also my beginning was dreadful because I was looking around for a couple of moments, where you can proceed, then realised it was the fifth light and realised my first hands was at the incorrect position.”

Russell’s teammate was among the ones to complain about the view of this gantry at Melbourne.

The wings are 70mm taller, partly iuenced by means of a push to lift the back wing endplates from obstructing what drivers might see within their rear view mirrors, and 100mm wider as a portion of these aerodynamic changes designed to greatly improve over taking.

It is not understood what solution will be implemented because of this weekend’s Bahrain race, even although one mooted answer was an extra group of lights halfway down the grid.

Russell said he was not positive if it could have been a issue anywhere, although beginning lights have been placed in a typical elevation at each circuit.

“In the rear of the grid [at Melbourne] the track drops down really slightly and so the back of the vehicle ahead would appear higher,” he explained.

“I’m not positive whether it will likely be an issue in any respect tracks, but we’ll find out Sunday and we’ll probably be at a similar form of ranking [at the rear of the grid] and we’ll see”


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