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A footballer has been acquitted of racially abusing an opposition player in front of a mass brawl.

Mansfield Magistrates’ Court heard Mr Pearce needed to be restrained throughout a”40-man brawl”.

Mr Forestieri, 29, has been found not guilty of racially aggravated harassment and with threatening words or behaviour.

District Judge Jonathan Taffe ruled Mr Pearce could have misheard Mr Forestieri as”it was very loud” at the bottom on 24 July.

The court heard the incident began with a filthy by Mr Forestieri on a Mansfield player that prompted his teammates, including Mr Pearce, to react.

The prosecution alleged this resulted in a”heated exchange of words” although Mr Forestieri was speaking mainly in Spanish, he used derogatory racial terms and conditions.

Mansfield manager David Flitcroft told the court he believed he had to pull Mr Pearce a way from Mr Forestieri later being told of a”racist incident” by the fourth .

Mr Pearce faced Mr Forestieri following the game and also the Owls celebrity denied being racist, and apologised if the guardian had”misheard”.

Giving evidence, Mr Forestieri additionally denied with some racist terms.

He said:”No, I never said , I’m not like this. I was very sad because I’m not even a racist. The first rule in soccer would be to honor your coworkers .”

Mr Forestieri was banned for three games and fined pound;25,000 due to the brawl.

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