A pair of former winners will clash again when Tyron Woodley confronts at the main event in from Minneapolis on June 29.

The struggle was confirmed from sources near the contest following a first report from ESPN.

Woodley is coming from a five round decision loss to Kamaru Usman at the struggle which cost him the welterweight title at 235 at March. Ahead of this blow off, Woodley was undefeated in seven consecutive struggles for example his first round knockout against Lawler in 20-16 to secure the welterweight championship.

Now Woodley will try to get back to the competition ’s race when he returns on June 29.

In terms of Lawler, he’s coming from a loss to in his final struggle, that indicated his third defeat at his past four fights. Lawler blasted Askren with punches early in the opening round but got caught in a bull dog choke that ended with referee Herb Dean stopping the struggle.

Lawler protested after that he was not unconscious by the choke and he never tapped but the struggle has been stopped. Right after the struggle was finished, president said he needed to reserve the rematch but over two months he changed his mind now Lawler will face Woodley rather than

The rematch between Woodley and Lawler will headline that the card in Minneapolis on June 29 with an increase of coicts to be added in the coming weeks.


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