One of the traits of this last season was strong top-speed performance, however Vettel and also seemed to fight in this field from the .

motor sport adviser Helmut Marko hinted prior to the weekend’s this could be a mix of backing off because of heating issues and getting pegged back by shut engine loopholes for 2019.

While I state anyplace, that means also down the straights.

This past year we had an extremely successful car and possibly in the end of the season we were a little short in terms of down force, so then you’ll be faster down on the straights.

“therefore, I think this year’s car, if it gives us the feeling we know is a very sturdy vehicle, is very fast around the corners, maybe it’s a bit lower down the straights.

“However, I think we’ve not had enough time [enough] races, to truly provide a reasonable answer.”

Vettel evaded a question by roughly Marko’s assertion had a heating problem and also a need to save gas from Melbourne.

“Well, it always depends where you are compared to others,” he explained. “However, I don’t think we are in another ball game to other men and women.

Helmut was sleeping I’m not sure where he did his first analysis!”

Vettel finished higher than a moment behind race winner at , at which was far less competitive than in pre-season testing.

Ferrari has implemented”adjustments” predicated on what it learned in a tough opening weekend but Vettel reported the”answers” may only be partly useful.

“The key factor for me personally is I drove an automobile in winter testing that I really liked and felt quite comfortable in, it was doing what I would like, I didn’t have much to moan or complain about — we travelled along to and it was not there,” he explained.

“We have any responses in terms of the shortage of performance for .

He added:”We’ll never get the real answer because you don’t go back before next year.

“There’s always a few lessons — several were about the set-up, others were about the [circuit] configuration.

“You throw everything in the mix and we have reason to believe people should be stronger here, but that I don’t want to set several to it.

was more competitive than we expected, together with the actual fact that we were less competitive than we anticipated that explains the large blip.”


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