Yamaha rider Vinales took place ranking in Qatar but dropped to seventh after a poor start, a posture he would never recover from for the rest of the race.

After the race, Vinales confessed that while he could be fast alone, at the race he had been forced to give up his style and rode just like his competitors, making it difficult for him to be strong.

As an effect he intends to simulate race conditions in the practice sessions for this weekend Termas de Rio Hondo race to find a means to overtake his enemies.

“I think that our problem is that at Qatar I didn’t ride behind a rider [in practice], I didn’t prepare really well where I could over take,” he explained.

“In Qatar I didn’t think this gonna be a problem because I had been so fast in the practices, ” I presumed that I really might over take very readily. But during the weekend I never found that a rider, I had been on my very own.

“Here we’re gonna try to be at the combination in the first laps at the tradition, trying to understand where we need to improve or at which I can brake later or at which I’m strong or feeble.

“That is quite important, I’ll start the mix and see just how the other bikes will work.

“Sometimes it’s tough to over take because I use completely different lines from the others, I use a whole good deal of corner speed so I get just a little bit stuck once I’m behind a cyclist.

“On the other submit some races I had been pushing, I really might over take pretty good. We need to understand the best way in which to go in that path.

“It’s searching for a solution to over take without requiring the good points of this bike, that is the corner speed”

Despite completing seventh as one of the main pace setters at Qatar, Vinales said he had been only”mad” with himself and never with the Yamaha motorcycle, which he believes is working well.

“For me personally, was very favorable,” he said of this weekend as a whole. “For sure the result was not what I expect, because I likely to take front, push, and attempt to keep out and make an effort to be very fast, but after the race that I was not angry.

“Eventually we knew the indicate enhance, the overtaking area. I was mad with myself because I didn’t offer the most useful, I really could create a far much better race if I had been at front, however that I didn’t get quite mad.

“[It] had been positive to have this problem right now, that is the first race, not in race seven. Now we understand what to improve”

Additional reporting by Jamie Klein


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