Blackpool’s receivers have had at least 59 expressions of interest in buying the League One team.

Paul Cooper and David Rubin were appointed joint receivers on 13 February after that a High Court judgment in the dispute involving former owners Owen Oyston and Valeri Belokon.

The couple have spent the past six weeks going through the economic situation.

Plus so they believe they finally have a more complete picture, which will permit the club to be placed forward forsale.

The receivers have appointed a financial business to aid them, with the first job of filtering throughout the expressions of attention and also create further investigations.

It’s unknown how long this process can probably need.

Blackpool are in League One, four points off a play off location.

The English Soccer League is due to determine 11 April whether it is going to deduct Blackpool 1 2 points on account of the appointment of the receivers.


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