“On January 26we were alerted by that a fan had used racially offensive speech . Immediately upon receiving the complaint, the enthusiast who was a minor, was ejected,” the team said in the announcement. “The next day, each our policy regarding any reported fan behavior complaint, the team initiated a thorough analysis of the incident that included reviewing video from multiple angles and identifying and interviewing countless fans, security personnel, and authorities in the immediate vicinity.

“In the course of this analysis, we were able to conclude that the fan had been abusive in the Golden State bench, but none of the contested parties were able to check the employment of racially offensive speech, along with video evidence revealed inconclusive. Based on our analysis, the enthusiast had been issued a two-year ban out of all s matches, and is also at the mercy of lifetime probation pursuant to their own policy. The punishment for almost any corroborated discriminatory language used towards any player, employee, or even lover in a s home game is a lifetime ban.

“We were touching all the by means of this process, sharing with our actions program and the final discipline. We state the deepest Truth that this incident happened to DeMarcus, as such behaviour violates everything the Boston s have consistently stood .”

reported Thursday the Cousins had been the mark of racially offensive speech by a fan during the game. Golden State won 115-111.

Earlier this season, the Utah Jazz banned a buff forever after he was included with a verbal backandforth with Thunder guard Russell Westbrook after video surfaced of the incident. The team then barred a second fan for life after calling Westbrook”boy” last season after video of the incident also came to light.

Two years before, outfielder Adam Jones — playing the — detained fans in Fenway Park of using racist language and throwing a bag of peanuts in him.


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