After starting 2018 with a major decision over Josh Sampo in Bellator 197 in April, bantamweight Dominic Mazzotta spent the remainder of the year on the sidelines.

What annoys Mazzotta wasn’t a single injury, but a succession of injuries, costing him an entire year of his career.

“It was proficient at the start of the year, I still got the win, but I got the injury bug and it was just clearly one injury after another.

“It was a rough year, but I consider it as I obtained a win, and which I moved , and that’s pretty good. I believe that the struggle was good. Josh is demanding guy. I’m the form of fighter that moves into split my competitor; I like to put in down my opponent and break thembut he merely wouldn’t break. ”

Though he’s had harms previously, Mazzotta admits being forced to experience multiple ones in series wasn’t an easy thing to deal with.

“I’ve been through injuries in my own career, but finished about the harms I’t had before, even if I wanted surgery, I managed to struggle a couple of months after that,” said Mazzotta. “it has been mentally testing for me.

“Training camp is usually tougher than the struggle, therefore every one goes in there normally warms up, but if you can’t actually make it into the struggle, you begin wondering why you are doing so. You certainly can perform a whole fight camp, however when it’s period to get paid, you don’t get paid (because you had to lose out of this struggle due to injury). ”

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“” I feel as that I ’m the finest Honey Badger that there’s ever been, also so I ’m definitely going to show that on March 2-9,” Mazzotta stated. “I still have a couple tricks that I’m willing to grab. My wrestling, my grappling, which will be my game, is much far better than everbefore.

“I still simply take the struggle I can have it done however the struggle plays out. I don’t state it’s definitely going to really go this way or this wayit’s a struggle, also you also can’t plan for all, anything can happen in a struggle, but I hope you’ll in shape and also much more ready than I have with this one. ”

Having had his career derailed for an extended period of time just last yr, Mazzotta is cautiously optimistic when it comes to going out the rest of his 20-19.

“You always set goals, you always have plans, but sometimes you have to distract from those plans,” said Mazzotta. “Right now my objective is always to win this particular struggle and enter 2 fights this year and stay healthier. My objective is to be set up for a title taken in 2020. ”


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